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Norwich, New London, CT


Latitude: 41.5502778, Longitude: -72.0875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adgate, Abigail  Aug 1661Norwich, New London, CT I2396
2 Adgate, Abigaill  Aug 1661Norwich, New London, CT I292
3 Adgate, Elizabeth  10 Oct 1651Norwich, New London, CT I2188
4 Adgate, Hannah  6 Oct 1653Norwich, New London, CT I289
5 Adgate, Rebeckah  Jun 1666Norwich, New London, CT I293
6 Adgate, Sarah  Jan 1663Norwich, New London, CT I60
7 Adgate, Thomas  Mar 1669Norwich, New London, CT I294
8 Birchard, Abigael  Nov 1667Norwich, New London, CT I345
9 Birchard, Benjamin  Dec 1675Norwich, New London, CT I349
10 Birchard, Danell  Nov 1680Norwich, New London, CT I351
11 Birchard, James  16 Jul 1665Norwich, New London, CT I344
12 Birchard, John  Jan 1657Norwich, New London, CT I341
13 Birchard, John  Dec 1659Norwich, New London, CT I342
14 Birchard, John  Feb 1671Norwich, New London, CT I347
15 Birchard, Joseph  Feb 1673Norwich, New London, CT I348
16 Birchard, Katherine  Nov 1656Norwich, New London, CT I340
17 Birchard, Mary  Jun 1677Norwich, New London, CT I350
18 Birchard, Samuel  16 Jul 1663Norwich, New London, CT I89
19 Birchard, Sarah  May 1661Norwich, New London, CT I343
20 Birchard, Thomas  Oct 1654Norwich, New London, CT I339
21 Birchard, Thomas  Jan 1669Norwich, New London, CT I346
22 Bishop, Caleb  16 Mar 1715Norwich, New London, CT I3264
23 Bliss, Anne  Sep 1660Norwich, New London, CT I301
24 Bliss, Deliverance  Aug 1655Norwich, New London, CT I299
25 Bliss, Elisabeth  Nov 1645Norwich, New London, CT I295
26 Bliss, Mary  Feb 1649Norwich, New London, CT I297
27 Bliss, Rebeka  Mar 1663Norwich, New London, CT I50
28 Bliss, Samuel  Dec 1657Norwich, New London, CT I300
29 Bliss, Sarah  Aug 1647Norwich, New London, CT I296
30 Bliss, Thomas  Mar 1651Norwich, New London, CT I298
31 Bradford, Jerusha  28 May 1693Norwich, New London, CT I6469
32 Bradford, Nehemiah  Abt 1683Norwich, New London, CT I6459
33 Brewster, Anne  Sep 1662Norwich, New London, CT I323
34 Brewster, Benjamine  25 Nov 1673Norwich, New London, CT I328
35 Brewster, Daniel  Mar 1666Norwich, New London, CT I325
36 Brewster, Elizabeth  23 Jun 1676Norwich, New London, CT I329
37 Brewster, Jonathan  Nov 1664Norwich, New London, CT I324
38 Brewster, Jonathan  2 Apr 1694Norwich, New London, CT I399
39 Brewster, Joseph  13 Apr 1698Norwich, New London, CT I400
40 Brewster, Lucretia  3 Nov 1691Norwich, New London, CT I398
41 Brewster, Mary  10 Dec 1660Norwich, New London, CT I40
42 Brewster, Mary  May 1703Norwich, New London, CT I402
43 Brewster, Ruth  16 Sep 1671Norwich, New London, CT I327
44 Brewster, Sarah  1 Apr 1700Norwich, New London, CT I401
45 Brewster, William  22 Mar 1669Norwich, New London, CT I326
46 Bushnell, Abigail  21 Jul 1690Norwich, New London, CT I2203
47 Bushnell, Abigail  22 Oct 1718Norwich, New London, CT I2437
48 Bushnell, Anne  2 Jun 1705Norwich, New London, CT I2433
49 Bushnell, Benajah  4 May 1681Norwich, New London, CT I2430
50 Bushnell, Caleb Dr  26 May 1679Norwich, New London, CT I2429

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bradford, Nehemiah  Abt 1683Norwich, New London, CT I6459
2 Bushnell, Zipporah  16 Jan 1726Norwich, New London, CT I2177


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (unknown), Elizabeth  28 Feb 1699Norwich, New London, CT I56
2 Adgate, Sarah  Feb 1706Norwich, New London, CT I60
3 Adgate, Thomas  21 Jul 1707Norwich, New London, CT I59
4 Adgate, Thomas Deacon  21 Jul 1727Norwich, New London, CT I2192
5 Adgate, Thomas  10 Dec 1760Norwich, New London, CT I294
6 Adgate, William  1779Norwich, New London, CT I449
7 Andrews, Mary  1661Norwich, New London, CT I1075
8 Birchard, Abigail  14 Jun 1733Norwich, New London, CT I19
9 Birchard, Benjamin  1675Norwich, New London, CT I349
10 Birchard, John  1658Norwich, New London, CT I341
11 Birchard, John  1662Norwich, New London, CT I342
12 Birchard, Katherine  1656Norwich, New London, CT I340
13 Birchard, Sarah  1664Norwich, New London, CT I343
14 Birchard, Thomas  1658Norwich, New London, CT I339
15 Birchard, Thomas  Abt 1683Norwich, New London, CT I85
16 Bliss, Anne  19 Feb 1714Norwich, New London, CT I301
17 Bliss, Rebeka  22 Aug 1737Norwich, New London, CT I50
18 Bliss, Thomas Jr.  15 Apr 1688Norwich, New London, CT I55
19 Bradford, Lt John  Sep 1679Norwich, New London, CT I2644
20 Brewster, Benjamin  14 Sep 1710Norwich, New London, CT I38
21 Brewster, Ruth  22 Aug 1734Norwich, New London, CT I327
22 Bruen, Rebecca  15 Apr 1721Norwich, New London, CT I1078
23 Bushnell, Caleb Dr  18 Feb 1724Norwich, New London, CT I2429
24 Bushnell, Joseph  23 Dec 1748Norwich, New London, CT I2193
25 Bushnell, Richard  27 Aug 1727Norwich, New London, CT I2187
26 Calkins, David  Mar 1667Norwich, New London, CT I439
27 Calkins, Hugh  1690Norwich, New London, CT I466
28 Calkins, John  8 Jan 1703Norwich, New London, CT I432
29 Calkins, Mary  30 Jul 1748Norwich, New London, CT I78
30 Cranston, Eliza  6 May 1829Norwich, New London, CT I205
31 Crosby, Mehitable  12 Jun 1773Norwich, New London, CT I2182
32 Darte, Anne  9 May 1709Norwich, New London, CT I39
33 Dickenson, Hannah  22 Feb 1691Norwich, New London, CT I1069
34 Eaton, Ann  Jun 1688Norwich, New London, CT I467
35 Fitch, Benjamin  10 Oct 1727Norwich, New London, CT I42
36 Fitch, Daniel  24 May 1743Norwich, New London, CT I2475
37 Fitch, Ebenezer  13 Feb 1797Norwich, New London, CT I44
38 Fitch, John  12 Apr 1737Norwich, New London, CT I408
39 Gifford, Jeremiah  May 1702Norwich, New London, CT I412
40 Gifford, Samuel  26 Aug 1714Norwich, New London, CT I77
41 Gifford, Stephen  27 Nov 1724Norwich, New London, CT I76
42 Gore, Hannah  24 Jan 1670Norwich, New London, CT I75
43 Hibbard, Twin A  Jun 1773Norwich, New London, CT I2777
44 Hibbard, Twin B  Jun 1773Norwich, New London, CT I2778
45 Huntington, Christopher  1654Norwich, New London, CT I355
46 Huntington, Christopher  24 Apr 1735Norwich, New London, CT I61
47 Huntington, Isaac  23 Feb 1764Norwich, New London, CT I54
48 Huntington, Jeremiah  1703Norwich, New London, CT I396
49 Huntington, Rebeckah  5 Jun 1725Norwich, New London, CT I316
50 Huntington, Samuell  7 Mar 1737Norwich, New London, CT I424

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bradford, Hannah  Norwich, New London, CT I2586
2 Post, Samuel  1746Norwich, New London, CT I223


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adgate / Brewster  15 Jun 1692Norwich, New London, CT F158
2 Bingham / Post  25 Nov 1731Norwich, New London, CT F126
3 Birchard / Andrews  22 Jul 1653Norwich, New London, CT F81
4 Bishop / Hibbard  19 Apr 1739Norwich, New London, CT F787
5 Bradford / Raymond  Abt 1681Norwich, New London, CT F1064
6 Brewster / Darte  28 Feb 1660Norwich, New London, CT F37
7 Brewster / Read  8 Jan 1692Norwich, New London, CT F166
8 Brewster / Stephens  18 Dec 1690Norwich, New London, CT F168
9 Bushnell / Adgate  7 Dec 1672Norwich, New London, CT F180
10 Bushnell / Leffingwell  24 Nov 1709Norwich, New London, CT F993
11 Fitch / Bradford  8 May 1687Norwich, New London, CT F172
12 Fitch / Bradford  8 May 1687Norwich, New London, CT F994
13 Fitch / Huntington  3 Sep 1750Norwich, New London, CT F20
14 Fitch / Mason  Oct 1664Norwich, New London, CT F66
15 Fitch / Read  18 Nov 1713Norwich, New London, CT F40
16 Fitch / Whitfield  Oct 1648Norwich, New London, CT F39
17 Gifford / Gallop  12 May 1672Norwich, New London, CT F72
18 Gifford / Gore  May 1667Norwich, New London, CT F70
19 Grist / Birchard  1721Norwich, New London, CT F178
20 Hewett / Gifford  5 Sep 1727Norwich, New London, CT F174
21 Hibbard / Bushnell  14 Dec 1738Norwich, New London, CT F826
22 Hibbard / Fitch  9 Dec 1773Norwich, New London, CT F893
23 Huntington / Adgate  26 May 1681Norwich, New London, CT F51
24 Huntington / Lathrop  21 Feb 1716Norwich, New London, CT F42
25 Huntington / Stephens  Oct 1706Norwich, New London, CT F58
26 Lathrop / Bliss  8 Apr 1686Norwich, New London, CT F47
27 Lathrop / Fellows  20 Jun 1710Norwich, New London, CT F173
28 Leffingwell / Gifford  2 Mar 1715Norwich, New London, CT F18
29 Leffingwell / Smith  8 Jun 1682Norwich, New London, CT F78
30 Loomer / Morgan  22 May 1693Norwich, New London, CT F1736
31 Post / Birchard  24 Mar 1725Norwich, New London, CT F13
32 Post / Cranston  7 Oct 1827Norwich, New London, CT F22
33 Post / Fitch  13 Mar 1788Norwich, New London, CT F19
34 Post / Lathrop  17 Mar 1698Norwich, New London, CT F11
35 Post / Leffingwell  26 Jun 1757Norwich, New London, CT F16
36 Post / Mcgillis  15 Sep 1835Norwich, New London, CT F21
37 Read / Halloway  Nov 1666Norwich, New London, CT F41
38 Rockwell / Bliss  8 Apr 1686Norwich, New London, CT F164
39 Rockwell / Calkins  19 Jan 1720Norwich, New London, CT F84
40 Rudd / Post  16 Apr 1685Norwich, New London, CT F453
41 Whiting / Adams  4 Sep 1696Norwich, New London, CT F2690