My research for the Lenaghan/ Lenahan family centers in the areas of Wilkes-Barre/ Sugar Notch in Pennsylvania.  Most of the documentation I have obtained is from this general area and is mostly specific to the Lenahan surname. I do, however, have some documentation on other surnames linked to the family, i.e., Caffrey/Cafferkey, McManamon, Malone, etc.


Recently, my search has turned to Belmullet and Ballycroy, County Mayo, Ireland, where my family originated.  I have a photocopy of the Belmullet Parish baptismal registry for my half-grand aunt Mary Lenaghan, dated 14th December 1857.  Her Godparents were Anthony Danghan and Mary Lally. 


Sometime soon after Mary’s baptism, her mother died.  I have no firm documentation on when this occurred.  My great grandfather then married Ann Murray, my great grandmother. In Feburary, 1862, their first daughter, Margaret Ann,  was born, followed in August, 1863, by son John Patrick.  During the year 1863, the family left Ireland and set sail for the U.S.  The birth records/obituaries of the rest of their children indicated the family moved around the general Wilkes-Barre area before finally settling in Sugar Notch.  My grandfather, Anthony Joseph Lenahan, was born in Northumberland, Pennsylvania March 16, 1866.


The families listed in the 1855 Griffiths Valuation for this area of County Mayo show a tight concentration of Lenaghans living in this area – and the tiny borough of Sugar Notch in Pennsylvania also shows an abundance of this same family living closely together…….and, unfortunately, they are all named Anthony, Thomas, John, Bridget, and Catherine.  Sorting them out is a monumental task.


This web site is an ongoing effort.  I intend to post new information and documentation as time allow, so check back once in a while for updates.


If you are another child of this family, please contact me!  Us “Lenaghan-and-affiliated-family” kids are banding together to one day meet in Ballycroy and have the biggest reunion ever!! 










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