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Latest Updates, Feb 2011

-          Updated the Patrick E Grannan web page with fantastic family picture from approx. 1910.

-          Also added numerous individual pictures to the Patrick E Grannan page

21 Aug 2010:††

-          Updated a lot of George Grannan info

-          Created new page for Blanche Grannan line

-          Created new page for Rose Catherine Grannan line

-          Updated info on Regina Grannan and Steve Lech on the Leo Grannan page

If youíve sent me updated info or corrections and Iíve overlooked it or havenít added it, please let me know and Iíll correct that.

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   I want to extend a special thanks to Mr. Robert Bradley and for their great generosity in hosting this site!

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        I started this adventure in 1989, out of curiosity, with virtually no information other than a verbal outline of the family tree from my father.   I didn't start with any serious, active research project in mind; I simply compiled pieces of information as I came across them to add to my Family Tree.   Soon it turned into a full blown hobby; including research trips to the National Archives, Indiana State Library, Southern Indiana cemeteries, courthouses, and libraries, where I found a wealth of information to add to my compilation.   Soon, the cold databases and organizational charts began to no longer do justice, and I felt a web page would be a great way to present the information.

        This is a continuing work in progress.   Through the years it will grow as we find more information on past ancestors and add more Grannan generations to the lineup.  I will continue to update this as much as possible but I need help.  Any copies (current and old) of birth, marriage, or death certificates; pictures, land deeds, old letters, obituaries, and things of this nature are invaluable.  Anything you have that you think might remotely help, please let me know.  I have numerous blanks to fill in.

        You may notice there is sometimes information that doesn't seem to have a purpose.  I learned through the years to try and include every bit of information I can, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time.  Someone else may see this particular information and have something to add to it, or it may remind them of something related to it.  As I go through old documents, books, etc. it is impossible to tell what will be important and what won't be.


        I'm quite sure there are errors in names, relationships, dates, places, etc.   If you see any inaccuracies, please let me know and I will correct them.  

A Note About Spelling:

    The spelling of the name Grannan has been spelled countless ways through the years.   The most common spellings are GRANNAN, GRANNON, and GRINNON.  Although GRINNON does not appear to be used after approx 1847.   Simply using the spelling as a determiner of relationships is impossible.  I have seen it spelled differently even among people in the same immediate family.

   Years ago illiteracy was very common, especially among immigrants.  When recording official information, the clerk had to spell the name however they thought it sounded.  In fact, if you look closely at the land deeds pictured here you will see an X, along with the words "his mark" for some of the signatures.

    So read on and enjoy.  It's best to read it in order the first time, starting with The Original Grannan Settlers and read through each successive link.  After that, feel free to bounce around. 

    Check back often as I make updates.  It is a work in progress but I hope you find it interesting.  If you have any useful ideas for ways to present the information please let me know.    I make every effort to document the source of all the information in this family history.   I also try to give credit for all the info, pictures, documents, etc unless I obtained them myself. 

Donnie Grannan

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Or view by family info:

James Grannan

 I. Patrick Grannan

   A. James Grannan

        1. Patrick D. Grannan (Individual Family page)

        2. John A. Grannan (Individual Family page)

   B. Mary Ellen Grannan

   C. Bridget Grannan

   D. George Grannan (Individual Family page)

††††††† 1.†† Blanche Grannan (Individual Family page)

   E. Margaret E. Grannan

   F. Patrick E. Grannan (Individual Family page)

1.      Leo J. Grannan (Individual Family page)

2.      Rose Catherine Grannan (Individual Family page)

   G. Peter J. Grannan (Individual Family page)

        1. Walter Grannan (Individual Family page)

   H. Anna Grannan

 II. Mary Grannan

III. James Grinnon

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