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Terms of Service for Free Genealogy Web Sites Hosting

1. Terms of Use for Hosted Genealogy Sites

A. We make no warranty or guarantee of service of any kind, period. There is no promise of reliability, availability, speed, or continuation of service. We reserve the right to terminate your hosting here for any reason at any time and without notice.

B. We do not provide technical support of any kind.

C. We only host free-access non-commercial genealogy content. You may not put affiliate marketing links or sell or advertise products on the pages hosted here. Your pages may not automatically redirect someone to another site. You may not place pop-up or pop-under ads, or ads of any kind (including affiliate links), on the genealogy pages hosted here.

D. The material must be suitable for people of all ages and genealogy-related. Your site must contain actual textual content of a genealogical nature; it cannot be simply a repository for photographs or downloadable files.

E. The material you publish here must be largely unpublished at any other public Web site. Do not post your genealogy Web site here and somewhere else, too.

2. Terms of Service for Visitors


B. No warranty of any kind is made as to the facts and representations made here. Some data being presented here as fact may be wrong. Do not rely on anything published here. Only primary and original sources (government or church records, for example) can be trusted, and even then only 89% of the time.

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