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About our Free Genealogy Web Sites Hosting

Should you put your family tree here? A: probably not
See our article Where Should I Host My Family Tree

How can it be free?
The costs for running this server for static HTML pages is somewhat low, in the grand scheme of things. Further, the charity A Grain of Hope Foundation is helping ensure the operation stays free, and supports the ideals of recording, maintaining, and sharing family history data.

What does someone get for free?

  • Enough space to hold your HTML and image files (JPG, GIF, etc)
  • FTP access to upload your files

Are you going to barrage me with spam?
No. We will not send you any advertisements or promotions, and we will not give your information, including your e-mail address, to any third-party.

What's the catch?

  • We make no guarantees about the reliability or availability of our Web hosting service
  • We don't teach or tutor you on how to create Web sites
  • We don't support most kinds of "dynamic" content or provide database access

Who owns the content if I upload my family tree Web site to you?
You do. All material that you publish at belongs to the author (and we assume that is you; don't publish stuff here that you didn't create). Under U.S. copyright law, the author retains the copyright to the written material (facts, such as date of birth, cannot be copyrighted, but the presentation of those facts, whether in a book or Web site, have a copyright that belongs to the author). We will not re-publish your Web site in any other medium.

How to Submit Genealogy Web Pages

How do I get space on
When you are ready to upload, send us an email with an estimate of the disk space you'll need and your desired directory name (typically, this is the name of your primary family); we'll then see if we can make room for you.

How do I upload my genealogy Web pages?
After approval, you will be given an FTP account that you will use to send us your genealogy Web site pages.

How can I support the effort?

Honestly, the best way is enter your data on WikiTree or a free site like Family Search, both sites dedicated to the free (as in really free) sharing of genealogy and family history.

You can also support us by using the charity link at Amazon for shopping at Amazon, which costs you nothing; Amazon gives a half-percent of each sale to A Grain of Hope Foundation, the charity sponsor of this site.

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