Descendants of George Caven


1. George Caven

Emigrated from Armagh in 1788 to Rockbridge, Virginia and then migrated to
Miami County, Ohio. Date of birth, Armagh as place of birth and marriage, date and place of death per Ancestral File (submissions through 2 Jan 1996) at BYU.

Country of birth and township of death per History of Miami County, Ohio 1880, page 478.

In "The Genealogical Record of George and Elizabeth Caven" compiled by Louise Hill, 1973 the following "Notes on George and Elizabeth Caven" are found at page 2:

"According to the information available, it would seen most likely that George Caven married Elizabeth Magaw, and after their first three children had been born, they emigrated from Ireland to America. It is stated in some family traditional notes, written in 1919, that John A. Caven, born in 1789, was the first child born after the family came to America, three children having been born in Ireland. It is stated in some other notes that James Caven was the father of George Caven.

"The first definite record we have been able to obtain on the Cavens is in Rockbridge County, Virginia, (county seat Lexington) where a deed is recorded, whereby on September 6, 1796, for a consideration of 300 pounds (a Virginia pound equalled $3.33) 160 acres of land was transferred from Charles Kirkpatrick to George Caven.

"On September 6, 1813, George Caven and wife Elizabeth deeded this 160 acres to Nicholos Wynant in consideration of $1120. The location is not given, except that it is 'on the waters of the North River', and two-thirds of Rockbridge County is drained by the North River. George and Elizabeth Caven also deeded on August 2, 1813, a lot of one-half acre on Main Street (presumably in Lexington) for a consideration of $30.00 to John Wilson.

"The family traditional notes say the Cavens came from near Housetop Mountain, Rockbridge County, Virginia. There is no Housetop Mountain in Virginia, but there is a Big House Mountain about seven or eight miles west of Lexington.

"On November 5, 1813, George Caven received a patent deed from the United States Government for the S. W. Quarter of Section 2, Town 2, Range 12, Springcreek Township, Miami County, Ohio. His oldest son, George M. Caven, had entered the quarter section next south on November 29, 1808, and another son, John A. Caven, had entered the second quarter section east of George M. Caven's on November 26, 1812.

"George Caven, Sr., and wife Elizabeth, on March 10, 1829, deeded or sold the south half of their quarter to their son David Caven, and also on March 31, 1831, deeded the north half to another son, James Caven.

"No exact date has been found for the death of George Caven, possibly occurring not long after he disposed of his farm in 1829 and 1831. His wife, Elizabeth, departed this life on the 27th of August, 1834.

"The children of George and Elizabeth Caven were: George M. Caven, Elizabeth Caven, James Caven, John A. Caven, Sarah Caven, Nancy Caven, David Caven and Jane Caven."

According to some handwritten notes by Martha Ann Anderson Chrisman taken from Shelby County History "George Caven with his wife and part of his family emigrated from Scotland to the United States just at the close of the Revolutionary War, and settled in Rockbridge County, Virginia. It was here in the year 1790 John A. Caven was born. When quite young, perhaps, early in the present century, he came with his father's family to Miami County, and settled in Spring Creek, close to the Shelby County line..."

Elizabeth Magaw

Birth country from History of Miami County, Ohio 1880, pg. 478. Other
information is per Ancestral File (submissions through 2 Jan 1996) at BYU.

2. George M Caven

Farmer. George made application for second quarter section, north of the present US Hwy 36 along Spring Creek on 29 Nov 1808. He was granted a patent deed on 3 Apr 1813. He was elected an elder of the Presbyterian Church of Piqua, OH, on Jan 10, 1822 and served in that capacity until his death. His will was probated on 17 Mar 1828. His widow married John Wiley on 29 Mar 1829.

3. Elizabeth Caven

Baptized 27 Jun 1819 at the Piqua Presbyterian Church, Miami Co., OH.