1504. Eleanor23 Plantagenet Countess Arundel (Henry24, Edmund Crounchback Prince25 England, Henry III King26, John (Lackland) King27, Henry II King of28, Geoffrey V29 Plantagenet, Foulques V Le30 Anjou, Foulques IV Count31)(1564) was born in Grismond Castle, Monmouth, Norfolk, England about 1311/1322. Eleanor died January 11, 1372 in Arundel, Sussex, England, at age 59. Her body was interred in Lewes, Sussex, England.

She married twice. She married John de Beaumont before June 1337. John was born 1327. John died May 10, 1342 at age 14. She married Richard "Copped Hat" Fitzalan Earl of Arundel February 5, 1344/1345 in Ditton, England. Richard was born about 1313 in Arundel, Sussex, England. Richard(1565) was the son of Edmund Fitzalan Earl of Arundel and Alice de Warenne. Richard died January 24, 1375 in Arundel, Sussex, England, at age 61. His body was interred in Lewes, Sussex, England.

Eleanor Plantagenet Countess Arundel and John de Beaumont had the following child:

child 1505 i. Henry de22 Beaumont Baron Beaumont was born in Brabant, Belgium 1340. Henry died June 17, 1369 at age 28. His body was interred in Sempringham, Semprington, Lincolnshire, Engla. He married Margaret de Vere BaronessBeaumont. Margaret was born about 1344. Her body was interred in Grey Friars, Newgate, Middlesex, England.

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