3220. Almodis de La32 Marche Countess of Bar was born in Toulouse, France about 1000. Almodis died 1060 at age 60.

She married three times. She married William III Count Arles. William was born about 1016. She married Pons Count of Toulouse 1040. Pons was born about 990. Pons was the son of William III Taillefer Count Toulouse and Emma Venaissin CntessofProvenc. Pons died 1060 at age 70. She married Raimond Berenger II, Barcelona 1056. Raimond was born about 1025 in Barcelona, Spain. Raimond died 1076 at age 51.

Raimond Berenger II, Barcelona and Almodis de La Marche Countess of Bar had the following child:

child + 3048 i. Raimond Berenger III,31 Barcelona was born about 1055.

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