2738. Euphrosyne30 Kastamonitissa was born in Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey about 1125. Euphrosyne died after 1195 at age unknown.

She married twice. She married Andronikos Dukas Anagelos. Andronikos was born 1131. She married Andronikos Dukas Angelos before 1155 in Constantinopl, Constantinople, Turkey. Andronikos was born about 1122 in Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey. Andronikos died after 1185 at age unknown.

Euphrosyne Kastamonitissa and Andronikos Dukas Anagelos had the following child:

child 2739 i. Isaak II, Emperor29 Byzantine empire was born in Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey about 1155. Isaak died before April 12, 1204 in Constantinople, Turkey, at age 48. He married twice. He married an unknown person. He married Margit, Princess of Hungary 1185. Margit, was born 1175 in Esztergom, Komarom, Hungary. Margit, was the daughter of Bela III, King Hungary and Agnes de Chatillon Queen of Hungary. Margit, died after 1208 at age unknown.

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