2847. Gilbert Fitzrichard de31 Clare 2nd Earl (Richard Fitzgilbert de32, Gilbert de33 Brionne, Geoffrey Count of34, Richard I Duke35 Normandy, Guillaume I Duke36, Rollo Duke Normandy37 Rognvaldsson, Rognvald38 Eysteinsson, Eystein Or Glumra39 Ivarsson) was born in Clare, Suffolk, England about 1065. Gilbert died 1114 in England, at age 49.

He married Adeliza de Clermont in England. Adeliza was born about 1058 in Northamptonshire, England. Adeliza was the daughter of Hugh Count de Clermont and Marguerite de Montdidier.

Gilbert Fitzrichard de Clare 2nd Earl and Adeliza de Clermont had the following children:

child + 2706 i. Adeliza Alice de30 Clare was born about 1066/1090.

child 2848 ii. Richard FitzGilbert de Clare was born in Hertford, Hertfordshire, England 1084/1090. Richard died April 15, 1136 near Abergavenny, Wales, at age 50. He married Alice Adeliza de Meschines. Alice was born about 1088/1094 in Hertford, Hertfordshire, England. Alice was the daughter of Randolph Meschines and Lucy Taillebois.

He was christened in Clare, Suffolk, England.

child 2849 iii. Walter de Clare was born in Clare, Suffolk, England about 1086. Walter died after 1149 in England, at age unknown.

child 2850 iv. Earl Gilbert de Clare Pembroke was born in Tunbridge, Kent, England, Eng about 1086/1096. Earl died January 6, 1147/1148 in England, at age 60. He married Isabel de Beaumont. Isabel was born about 1086/1096 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England. Isabel was the daughter of Earl Robert de Beaumont.

child + 2851 v. Baldwin FitzGilbert de Clare Lord Bourne was born about 1088/1092.

child 2852 vi. Rohesia de Clare was born in Clare, Suffolk, England about 1090. Rohesia died in England, at age unknown. She married Baderon de Monmouth in England. Baderon was born about 1085 in Clare, Suffolk, England.

child + 2571 vii. Rose de Clare was born about 1115.

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