3618. Edward The37 Elder (Alfred The38 Great, 39 Ethelwolf, 40 Egbert, Ealhmund King of41 Kent, 42 Eafa, 43 Eoppa, 44 Inglid, 45 Cenred, 46 Ceolwald, 47 Cuthwulf, 48 Cuthwine, 49 Ceawlin, 50 Cynric, King of Wessex51 Cerdic, 52 Elesa, 53 Esla, 54 Gewis, 55 Wig, 56 Freawine, 57 Frithogar, 58 Brand, 59 Beldeg, Odin Or60 Woden, 61 Frithuwald, 62 Freothelaf) was born in Wessex, England, Eng about 875. Edward died July 17, 924 in England, at age 49.

He married Edgiva 919. She was born about 877 in England. She was the daughter of Earl of Kent Sigelline. She died 961 in England, at age unknown.

Edward The Elder and Edgiva had the following children:

child + 3570 i. Edmund I The36 Magnificent was born 920.

child 3619 ii. Athelstan was born in England 894. He died October 27, 939 in England, at age unknown.

child 3620 iii. Edwin was born in England. He died 933 in England, at age unknown.

child 3621 iv. Eadgifu was born in England about 904. She married Count Herbert Tours. Count was born about 926 in Vermandois, Normandy, France, Fra. Count was the son of Herbert II Count Vermandois and Princess Hildebrante France. Count died December 28, 993 in France, Fra, at age 67. His body was interred in Lagny Abbey.

child 3622 v. Eadhild was born in Wessex, England about 908. She died September 14, 937 in France, at age 29. She married Hugh Magnus of France 926. Hugh was born about 895 in Paris, Seine, France, Fra. Hugh was the son of Robert I King of France Count of Paris and Beatrice de Vermandois. Hugh died June 16, 956 in Dourdan, France, at age 60. His body was interred in St Denis Abbey, Seine, France, Fra.

child 3623 vi. Eadred was born in England about 923. He died November 23, 955 in England, at age 32.

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