3533. Edgar The35 Peaceable (Edmund I The36 Magnificent, Edward The37 Elder, Alfred The38 Great, 39 Ethelwolf, 40 Egbert, Ealhmund King of41 Kent, 42 Eafa, 43 Eoppa, 44 Inglid, 45 Cenred, 46 Ceolwald, 47 Cuthwulf, 48 Cuthwine, 49 Ceawlin, 50 Cynric, King of Wessex51 Cerdic, 52 Elesa, 53 Esla, 54 Gewis, 55 Wig, 56 Freawine, 57 Frithogar, 58 Brand, 59 Beldeg, Odin Or60 Woden, 61 Frithuwald, 62 Freothelaf) was born in England 943. Edgar died July 8, 975 in England, at age unknown.

He married twice. He married Ealfthyth Or Elfrida 965. Ealfthyth was born 945 in England. Ealfthyth was the daughter of Ordgar Earl of Devon. Ealfthyth died 1000 in England, at age unknown. He married an unknown person.

Edgar The Peaceable had the following child:

child 3534 i. Edward The34 Martyr was born in England 960. Edward died March 18, 978 in England, at age unknown.

Edgar The Peaceable and Ealfthyth Or Elfrida had the following child:

child + 3439 ii. Ethelred II The Unready was born about 965.

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