2931. Margaret31 Atheling Queen (Edward32, Edmund II33 Ironside, Ethelred II The34 Unready, Edgar The35 Peaceable, Edmund I The36 Magnificent, Edward The37 Elder, Alfred The38 Great, 39 Ethelwolf, 40 Egbert, Ealhmund King of41 Kent, 42 Eafa, 43 Eoppa, 44 Inglid, 45 Cenred, 46 Ceolwald, 47 Cuthwulf, 48 Cuthwine, 49 Ceawlin, 50 Cynric, King of Wessex51 Cerdic, 52 Elesa, 53 Esla, 54 Gewis, 55 Wig, 56 Freawine, 57 Frithogar, 58 Brand, 59 Beldeg, Odin Or60 Woden, 61 Frithuwald, 62 Freothelaf) was born in Wessex, England, Eng about 1043. Margaret died November 16, 1093 in Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, England, at age 50. Her body was interred in Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland.

She married Malcolm III King of Scotland about 1069. Malcolm was born about 1031 in Scotland. Malcolm was the son of Duncan I King of Scotland and Gruoch Queen of Scotland. Malcolm died November 13, 1093 in Alnwick, Northumberland, England, at age 62. His body was interred in Holy Trinity Church, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland. (See Malcolm III King of Scotland for the children resulting from this marriage.)

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