938. Thomas13 Fitch (Thomas14, Thomas15, Thomas16, Thomas17, William18, Thomas19, Thomas20, William21, John22)(1230) was born in Brazen Head, Lyndersill, Essex, England circa 1562.

He married Mary Mauch. Mary(1231) was the daughter of John Mauch.

The Avery collection also lists alternates to this and the preceding generation. She notes that George Fitch and Joan Thurgood may have been in place of Thomas Fitch and Mary Mauch. In addition, Roger Fitch and Margery (unknown) may have been in place of Thomas Fitch and Anne Bartley (the preceding generation). Her notes make reference to both sets, although the generations earlier than these two in question seem to be certain, at least in her notes.

Thomas Fitch and Mary Mauch had the following child:

child + 789 i. Thomas12 Fitch.

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