734. Nathaniel12 Foote (Robert13, John14)(891) was born in St. Botolph's, Billingsgate, London, England September 21, 1592.(892) Nathaniel died 1644 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, at age 51.

He married Elizabeth Deming January 1614/1615 in Colchester, Essex, England.(893) Elizabeth was born circa 1595 in England. Elizabeth(894) was the daughter of John Deming. Elizabeth died July 28, 1683 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, at age 88.(895)

Conflicting evidence states that Nathaniel was born 1593 in Shalford, Colchester, England.(896) Nathaniel's will was probated November 20, 1644 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT.(897)

The probate record for Nathaniel includes a complete inventory; it is recreated here with the spelling as found in the original: The Children: Nathaniel Foote, about 24 years, to have 148 Robert Foote, about 17 years, to have 74 Frances Foote, about 15 years, to have 74 Sarah Foote, about 12 years, to have 74 Rebeckah Foote, about 10 years, to have 74 The Wyddow of sd. Nathaniel Foote Adms. her portion, 212 Imprs His purse and apparrell, 7-16-00 It. In neat Cattel and in Hay, 93-00-00 It. in horsse fleshe, 34-00-00 It. in hoggs, 66-60-00 It. in debts, 29-03-04 It. in Englishe Corne, 70-00-00 It. in goats, 3-15-00 It. in Carts, ploughs, etc. 6-00-00 It. in nayles, 1-10-00 Ite. Indean Corne, 8-00-00 It. in old Wheat and pease, 6-06-00 It. for certain things in the chamber, 2-00-00 It. for amunition, 5-00-00 Ite. for fouer beds with the furniture, 13-06-08 It. in fyne lynen, 5-10-00 Ite. 2 table boards, 2 chests, 1 TGrunke, with other Implts. 5-00-00 It. pewter & brasse and other vseful vessells, 12-00-00 It. in husbandry tooles, 3-00-00 It. in beife, butter, and cheese and other necessary prvision for the howse, 8-10-00 It. in poultry, 1-00-00

somm: 380-17-00

The Land: Ten acres of home lotts with one dwelling howse and 2 barnes with other buildings therevppon, 4 acres of home lotts, 6 acres of meadow with an acre of swampe, 20 acres of plaine fenced in being 14 ac. broke vp, 7 acres of plaine meadow plowed vp, 20 acres in the great meadow of hay ground, 4 acres in bever meadow, 27 acres of Swampe Ground, 81 Acres of Vpland in the Weste field 32 Rod broad beyond the River, being 3 Miles in length, ( endorsed by the inventorers, Richard Trott, Samuel Smith, and Nathaniel Dickinson)

Nathaniel Foote and Elizabeth Deming had the following children:

child 735 i. Elizabeth11 Foote(898) was born circa 1616. Elizabeth died September 8, 1700 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, at age 84. She married Josiah Churchill 1638. (Additional notes for Josiah Churchill(899)) Josiah died January 1, 1686/1687 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, at age unknown.

child + 503 ii. Nathaniel Foote was born circa 1621.

child 736 iii. Mary Foote(900) was born in England circa 1623. Mary died September 1685 at age 62. She married John Stoddard circa 1642. (Additional notes for John Stoddard(901)) John died December 1664 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, at age unknown.

child 737 iv. Robert Foote(902) was born circa 1627. Robert died 1681 at age 54. He married Sarah Potter 1659. She was baptized August 22, 1641 in New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut.(903)

child 738 v. Frances Foote(904) was born circa 1629.

child 739 vi. Sarah Foote(905) was born circa 1632.

child 740 vii. Rebeckah Foote(906) was born circa 1634. Rebeckah died April 6, 1701 in Hadley, Massachusetts, at age 66.(907) She married Phillip Smith circa 1657.(908) Phillip was born circa 1633 in England. (Additional notes for Phillip Smith(909)) Phillip died January 10, 1685/1686 in Hadley, Massachusetts, at age 51.

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