Sixth Generation

95. Dr. Roswell6 Bradley (Captain Jabez7, Jabez8, George9)(51) was born in Tolland, CT April 28, 1775.(52) Roswell died October 18, 1842 in Pomfret Township, Chautauqua Co, NY, at age 67.

He married Sarah Isham 1798. Sarah was born March 13, 1778 in Colchester, Connecticut. Sarah was the daughter of Samuel Isham and Mary Adams. Sarah died November 11, 1865 in Dunkirk, New York, at age 87.(53)

Roswell graduated from in Yale College. Roswell's will was probated December 18, 1842 in Surrogate Court, Westfield, Chautauqua Co, NY.

Roswell's will, written earlier in the year of his death, is partially reproduced and summarized here: (Roswell leaves his entire estate to his wife, Sarah, for so long as she lives. Subsequent to his wife's death, the remains shall be equally divided between his children William, Ogden, Harriet, and Cornelia, subject to "the restrictions and limitations concerning my son William".) "whereas my son William Bradley has hereafter been the subject of habits of Intemperance which have rendered him at times incapable of managing his own business or providing for himself, but has recently pledged himself to abstain therefrom and hath thus far duly fulfilled his pledge. I therefore in view of his past and present conduct and with a desire to promote his future comfort advantage and support, do further will direct and declare as gratification restrictions and limitations on the Second article above mentioned, that if he shall adhere to his present determination to abandon wholly his habits of Intemperance and shall at the time of the decease of my said Wife, so far wholly have conquered the Same, that in the opinion of my ... Executor it would be safe for him the Said William for his own good to take charge and management of business and his own future, then and in that case the said William shall come into possession of his portion of my Estate above devised and given equally with the other devisees. ... But in case the said William shall return to his former habit of Intemperance...I further will order and direct that my son George Bradley, who is hereinafter appointed my Executor, take possession and control of the share of my Estate so designed for my son William ... and hold the same as trustee for the benefit of the said William." (The will continues to give specific instructions on taking care of poor William should he return to his Intemperance.)

Dr. Roswell Bradley and Sarah Isham had the following children:

child 96 i. George5 Bradley was born July 9, 1800. George died 1881 at age 80. He married Caroline Isham. According to the Roll of Honor published June 2, 1899 in the Dunkirk Union newspaper, there is a George Bradley buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Fredonia, New York; this George served in Company G of the 9th NY Cavalry unit during the Civil War.

child 97 ii. William Bradley(54) was born June 1802. William died July 8, 1862 in Millcreek, Virginia, (Civil War), at age 60.


tombstone, Ogden Bradley and his wife Cornelia Tappen Bradley

child + 48 iii. Ogden Bradley was born July 7, 1804.

child 98 iv. Harriet Bradley was born 1806.

child 99 v. Julia Bradley was born 1811.

child 100 vi. Cornelia Bradley was born 1813.

child 101 vii. Chester Bradley was born 1816. Chester died 1840 at age 24.

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