Eighth Generation

186. Jabez8 Bradley (George9) was born in Tolland, CT February 18, 1727/1728.(127) Jabez died September 14, 1758 in French & Indian War, USA, at age 31.(128)

He married Hannah (Bush) King December 15, 1749 in Tolland, CT.(129) Hannah died June 30, 1797 at age 71.(130) Jabez was a soldier in the French and Indian War and, in fact, appears to have died in battle. According to War 1675-1775 Colonial, Volume 1, a Jabez Bradley was in private service in 1757 (original Vol VII, entry 21a). I was given permission to examine the original document that contained the reference to Jabez in private service, titled Vol 7 French War. It appears to be a log of fiscal and supply activity at Fort William Henry around 1757. From the page where Jabez is mentioned is: (Page Heading) In Colony of Connecticut to Capt. (??) and the company under his command and Lt. Joseph Pitkins Regiment for their service at the time of the alarm for relief of Fort William Henry and parts adjacent August, Anno 1757 | | | John Abbot, Abnea West, Thather Lothrop,...,Samuel Huntington, Jabez Bradley,...31 Privates in Service 14 days each @ 34 pr. mo. each makes 24.16 This section obviously is a record of payments made. The Archives probate index lists Jabez Bradley of Tolland, dated 1758, Hartford District. I examined the microfilm pertaining to that entry, and found the following: An inventory of the estate of Jabez Bradley. It reads, in part:

Hartford County Tolland October 10th 1758. We the subscribers hereunto, being desired to apprise the estate of Jabez Bradley late of Tolland dec. and being under oath have apprised the same as hereafter particularly we have entered the same. L S D One Handkerchief 0 4 0 a pair of boots 0 8 0 Beds, bedsteads and covering 6 11 0 Pots, kettles, and ironware 1 0 0 Yoak and iron plows and chains 3 13 6 Iron shod wheels and cart 4 10 0 A looking glass and 49 bushels of wheat 9 8 6 Meat cattle 19 3 0 Sheep and Hay 18 10 0 a Yoke of oxen 12 5 0 1014 pounds of pork 7 7 10 one farm of Land 84 0 0 the old farm of Land 350 0 0 At the bottom of the document are the signatures of three men, the "apprisors". Assumedly, the above valuations are in Pounds, Shillings, and (Pence?). The total valuation appears to be around 530 Pounds. This inventory appears on one 9 by 12 inch sheet. On a separate microfilm page, but what may be the reverse side of the inventory, is a note that Hannah and Jabez (Jr) Bradley apparentley filed the inventory with the court. There was also a document dated 5 January 1759 that appears to be a performance bond for the executors of Jabez's estate, Hannah and Josiah Bradley. Essentially, they paid 300 pounds bond to the Judge as surety for the execution of the estate, with a final accounting due the court by the 5th of January 1760. The document is signed by the marks of Hannah Bradley, Josiah Bradley, and Henry Bradley. The document is a pre-printed form, with names and dates handwritten. According to "Rolls of Connecticut Men in the French and Indian War", Volume II (Collections of the CT Historical Society Vol X), Jabez either "Dyed, Deserted, or Captivated" on 14 September, 1758. Since he never returned home, it is probably safe to say that he did not desert. Therefore, I believe it is proper to assume that he died on that day, or very soon afterward. He is listed as having been in the 12th Company under Captain Chapman.

Jabez Bradley and Hannah (Bush) King had the following children:

child 187 i. Betsey7 Bradley.


tombstone, Capt. Jabez Bradley

child + 137 ii. Captain Jabez Bradley was born May 31, 1751.

child 188 iii. Hannah Bradley was born in Tolland, CT February 3, 1753.(131)

child 189 iv. Ruth Bradley was born in Tolland, CT May 25, 1755.(132) Ruth died October 2, 1835 in Munn lists, 10 Feb, at age 80. She married John Newton November 20, 1777.(133) John was born July 25, 1754. (Additional notes for John Newton(134)) John died November 30, 1831 at age 77.

child 190 v. Susanna Bradley was born in Tolland, CT September 25, 1757.(135)

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