Ninth Generation

254. George9 Bradley(193) was born 1667. Based on the reported inscription on his tombstone that stated he died at 74 years of age; 1741 minus 74 is 1667. Other sources, for various reasons, state 1687 as more likely (see: Ancestors of Morris A. Bradley) George died April 20, 1741 in Tolland, CT, at age 73.(194)

He married Hannah Braman May 29, 1717 in Tolland, CT. Hannah was born 1690 in Norton, Massachusetts.(195) Hannah was the daughter of Thomas Braman and Hannah Fisher.

George's will was probated June 15, 1741 in Tolland, CT.(196) George's estate was valued at 2,800 pounds (a rather large sum). It's hard to say what the story is on George. The year of his birth, give or take one, can be fixed by his tombstone and is consistent with his age at death (about 74). His year of death is indisputable (despite what his tombstone may have said about dying in 1746). However, here is a man that did not marry until 50 years of age, and fathered children until the age of 66! It is probable that George was born in England. We know that a George Bradley left London for Barbados in 1784, making him about 17 or 18 years old. This was an appropriate age for such an event, since he was bound to a master for three years. A birth record for a George Bradley in Scamblesby, Lincoln, England on 29 July 1666 has been found. This would be a perfect birth time for our George; however,we have little else to go on. The parents of this England George were George and Ann Bradley. He may also have had a brother Nathaniel, born 23 April 1664.

George Bradley and Hannah Braman had the following children:

child 255 i. George8 Bradley was born in Tolland, CT July 8, 1718.

child 256 ii. Hannah Bradley was born in Tolland, CT December 18, 1719.

child 257 iii. Mary Bradley was born in Tolland, CT April 11, 1722.

child 258 iv. Jane Bradley was born in Tolland, CT February 6, 1723/1724.

child + 186 v. Jabez Bradley was born February 18, 1727/1728.

child 259 vi. Henry Bradley was born in Tolland, CT May 3, 1729. Henry died 1762 in Cuba, at age 33. He married Elizabeth Auger.

child 260 vii. Josiah Bradley was born in Tolland, CT May 12, 1730. Josiah died April 1, 1826 in Ellington, Connecticut, at age 95.(197) He married Elizabeth Elgar November 19, 1752 in Stafford, CT.(198) Elizabeth was born 1731. (Additional notes for Elizabeth Elgar(199)) Elizabeth died 1815 at age 84.

child 261 viii. Jonah Bradley was born in Tolland, CT March 5, 1733/1734. Jonah died March 16, 1746/1747 at age 13.

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