334. Hope10 Lathrop (Joseph11, John12, Thomas (Lowthroppe)13, Robert14, John15) was born in Barnstable, MA July 15, 1671.(299) Hope died October 20, 1734 in Tolland, CT, at age 63. His body was interred in South Cemetary, Tolland, CT.(300)

He married Elizabeth Lathrop December 17, 1696 in Barnstable, MA.(301) Elizabeth was born November 23, 1677.(302) Elizabeth was the daughter of Melatiale Lathrop and Sarrah Farrar.

Hope's will was probated November 25, 1734 in Connecticut.(303)

His will can be found in the Probate Records. His estate was valued at 489-02-36 by Ichabod Hinkley, Peter Emmons, and John Lathrop. His will, dated 6 March 1731/2, is reproduced here with the original spellings:

I, Hope Lathrop of Tolland, in the County of Hartford, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my wife Elizabeth 1-3 part of my household goods. I give to her 1-3 part of my neat cattle and sheep. I give to my sd. wife the use of 1-2 of my homestead and the use of 1-2 of my building during the time she shall remain my widow; this in lieu of her dower. I give to my wife the use and improvement of my great Bible during her natural life. I give to my son Benjamin Lathrop my great Bible and cane, the cane to be his at my decease and the Bible to be his after the decease of my sd. wife. I give to my son Ichabod Lathrop 1-2 of my right in the Cedar Swamp that is in sd. Tolland. I give to my son Solomon Lathrop 1-2 of my right in sd. swamp. I give to my son Solomon Lathrop all my homested, that is to say, all but what I have given to my son Ichabod Lathrop by a deed of gift and by a deed of sale. That which I give to my son Solomon bounds east on Willimantic River, south on my son Ichabod Lathrop's land which was part of sd. homested as well, as largely will appear upon Tolland Records, together with all my buildings and fences on that part of sd. homested. And my will is that my sd. son Solomon enter into the possession of what I have herein given in the following manner: 1-2 of sd. homested and buildings upon my decease, and the other half when my sd. wife ceases to be my widow, if my sd. son Solomon shall pay or cause to be paid the full sum of 75 in manner as followeth, viz., the sum of 50 in money unto my son Melatiah Lathrop at the age of 21 years, and 25 unto my son Joseph Lathrop at the age of 21 years. I give to my son John Lathrop 10 shillings. I give to my son Ebenezer Lathrop the sum of 10 shillings. I give to my son Melatiah Lathrop 1 feather bed and boalster. I give to my son Melatiah a paire of 3 (years) and vantage steers. I give to my son Joseph Lathrop 25 in money. I give to my son Joseph the bed we lodge on, after the death of my wife. I give to my son Joseph my riding beast. I give to my daughter Rebeckah Lewis 10. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Lathrop 30. I give to my daughter Mary Lathrop 30. I give to my daughter Sarah Hammond 10 shillings. Further, my will is that all my moveable estate, except what I have already disposed of, be equally divided to my four daughters, Rebeckah Lewis, Sarah Hammond, Elizabeth Lathrop and Marah Lathrop. I appoint my wife Elizabeth and my son Solomon Lathrop to be executors. Hope Lathrop, LS. Witness: Ichabod Hinkley, Benjamin Hinkley, David Hinkley

On 1 July 1735 the court noted that Joseph Lathrop, age 14, son of Captain Hope Lathrop, deceased, chose his brother Ebenezer Lathrop of Mansfield to be his guardian.

Hope Lathrop and Elizabeth Lathrop had the following children:

child 335 i. Benjamin9 Lathrop(304).

child 336 ii. Ichabod Lathrop(305).

child 337 iii. Solomon Lathrop(306).

child 338 iv. Melatiah Lathrop(307).

child 339 v. Joseph Lathrop(308).

child 340 vi. Ebenezer Lathrop(309).

child 341 vii. Rebeckah Lathrop(310). She married (unknown) Lewis. (Additional notes for (unknown) Lewis(311))

child 342 viii. Elizabeth Lathrop(312).

child 343 ix. Mary Lathrop(313).

child 344 x. Sarah Lathrop(314). She married (unknown) Hammond. (Additional notes for (unknown) Hammond(315))

child + 263 xi. John Lathrop was born October 3, 1699.

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