672. John12 Lathrop Reverend (Thomas (Lowthroppe)13, Robert14, John15)(829) was born in Etton, Yorkshire, England 1584.(830) While some sources show Mary Salte as John's mother, it is believed by other researchers that Mary was the wife of a different Thomas Lathrop. John died November 8, 1653 in Barnstable, MA, at age 69.

He married twice. He married Hannah Howes October 10, 1610 in Eastwell, Kent, England.(831) Hannah was born 1590 in England. Hannah was the daughter of John Howes Reverend. Hannah died February 16, 1633 in England, at age 42.(832) He married Anna Hammond June 14, 1635 in Scituate, MA.(833) Anna was born circa 1616. (Additional notes for Anna Hammond(834)) Anna died February 25, 1688/1689 in Barnstable, MA, at age 71. Conflicting evidence states that she died September 1, 1685.(835)

He was baptized December 20, 1584 in St. Marys Church, Etton, Yorkshire.(836) He was a student at Queens College, Cambridge before 1634. John immigrated to 1634.(837) He Graduated Queen's College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1605, and graduated there in 1609 with a Master of Arts degree. First ordained a Deacon by the Bishop of Lincoln, he became Curate of Bennington, Hertfordshire in 1607 and Curate of Parish Church at Egerton, Kent about 1611. In 1623 he leaves Egerton and renounces his church orders, siding with the cause of the Independants. He was called to succeed Rev. Henry Jacob as Pastor of the First Independant Church in Southwark, London in 1624. But trouble with the larger church awaited him, for in 1632 Bishop Laud's warrant officer invades the home where Rev. Lothropp and about 50 of his flock were secretly worshipping. He was taken to Clink Prison, Newgate, London, on April 22, 1632. He visited his dying wife, Hannah, briefly in 1633. Early in 1634 all but Lothropp were released on bail; he, the leader of the Independant group, was deemed too dangerous to be set at liberty. On April 24, 1634 his petition for liberty to go into foreign exile was granted. He arrived in America aboard the Griffin. On January 19, 1634 he was chosen Pastor in Scituate, Massachussetts.

John Lathrop Reverend and Hannah Howes had the following children:

child + 644 i. Samuel11 Lathrop was born 1620.

child + 468 ii. Joseph Lathrop was born April 11, 1624.

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