843. Richard13 Warren(1139) was born in Kent, England circa 1580. Richard died 1628 in Plymouth, MA, at age 48.(1140)

He married Elizabeth Juatt or Marsh or Evans. Elizabeth was born ca 1583 in England. Elizabeth died October 2, 1673 in Plymouth, MA, at age 90.(1141) Elizabeth immigrated to Plymouth, MA 1623.

Richard immigrated to 1620. Richard came to America on the famous "Mayflower" voyage. He was not one of the Puritans fleeing religious persecution for Leyden Holland, but rather was one of the "strangers" picked up in London by the ship (the "strangers", over 30 men and families, comprised more than half the Mayflower passengers). The Mayflower, having departed Plymouth England 6 September 1620, landed in America later that year. Richard's wife and five daughters came later aboard the "Anne" in 1623. He was not one of the Leyden, Holland Pilgrims, but instead had been a merchant at Greenwich, county of Kent, England (Directory of Ancestral Heads). He joined the Pilgrims in Southampton and, upon their landing at Plymouth, was one of ten men chosen to be in the exploring party, and was one of those surprised by the Indians in "The First Encounter". Though Warren appears to have been all but excluded from some Pilgrim histories such as Bradford's, it appears he was among the more important and accomplished of the Pilgrims. Richard was one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact, the first establishment of civil government in America. He was given the prefix "Mr.", or Master, by Governor William Bradford, which indicates one of high birth or achievement. He may have had a period of illness before his death in 1628. Even so, he appears as a leader of one of twelve groups formed to own cattle in 1627. In that same year, he is listed as one of the 58 sole proprietors of land in Plymouth Colony. His wife, Elizabeth, outlived him by 45 years. She never remarried, but was allowed to succeed to her husband's rights as "Purchaser". She was honored with the title "Mrs.", as most women were called "Goodwife". (Mayflower Families, 1981: Mass. Society of Mayflower Descendants) There are numerous sources of information about Richard and the three generations following. Only some of them are cited here; there may be several other corraborating sources.

Richard Warren and Elizabeth Juatt or Marsh or Evans had the following children:

child 844 i. Mary12 Warren(1142) was born in England circa 1610. Mary died March 27, 1683/1684 at age 72. She married Robert Bartlett 1628 in Plymouth, MA.(1143) Robert was born circa 1603 in England. (Additional notes for Robert Bartlett(1144)) Robert died 1676 in Plymouth, MA, at age 73. Robert immigrated to July 1623.

Mary immigrated to July 1623. Conflicting evidence states that she died after 1677/1678.(1145)

child 845 ii. Ann Warren(1146) was born in England circa 1612. Ann died after 1675/1676 in Plymouth, MA, at age unknown. She married Thomas Little April 19, 1633 in Plymouth, MA.(1147) Thomas was born circa 1610 in England. (Additional notes for Thomas Little(1148)) Thomas died March 12, 1672/1673 in Marshfield, Massachusetts, at age 61.(1149)

Ann immigrated to July 1623.

child 846 iii. Sarah Warren(1150) was born in England circa 1614. Sarah died circa 1696 in Plymouth, MA, at age unknown. She married John Cooke March 28, 1634/1635 in Plymouth, MA.(1151) John was born 1610 in Holland.(1152) John died November 23, 1695 Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts, at age 85.(1153) John immigrated to 1620.

Sarah immigrated to July 1623.(1154)

child 847 iv. Elizabeth Warren(1155) was born in England circa 1616. Elizabeth died March 4, 1670/1671 in Hingham, Kingston, Massachusetts, at age 53.(1156) She married Richard Church circa 1635 in Plymouth, MA.(1157) Richard was born circa 1608. (Additional notes for Richard Church(1158)) Richard died December 27, 1668 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, at age 60.

Elizabeth immigrated to July 1623.

child 848 v. Abigail Warren(1159) was born in England circa 1618. Abigail died circa 1692 in Plymouth, MA, at age unknown. She married Anthony Snow November 8, 1639 in Plymouth, MA.(1160) (Additional notes for Anthony Snow(1161)) Anthony died August 1692 in Marshfield, Massachusetts, at age unknown.

Abigail immigrated to July 1623.

child + 678 vi. Nathaniel Warren was born 1624.

child 849 vii. Joseph Warren(1162) was born in Plymouth, MA circa 1626. Joseph died May 4, 1689 in Plymouth, MA, at age 62. He married Priscilla Faunce circa 1652 in Plymouth, MA.(1163) Priscilla was born circa 1633 in Plymouth, MA. (Additional notes for Priscilla Faunce(1164)) Priscilla died May 15, 1707 in Plymouth, MA, at age 73.

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