766. Thomas12 Birchard (William13 Byrchard)(994) was born in England 1595.(995) Thomas died circa 1683 in Norwich, New London, CT, at age unknown.

He married Mary Robinson (?). Mary was born 1597 in England. (Additional notes for Mary Robinson (?)(996)) Mary died 1655 in Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts, at age 58.

Thomas immigrated to September 19, 1635. He is said to be a founder of Hartford, Connecticut, and a Deputy to the General Court of Connecticut from Saybrook in 1650-51. He and his familey sailed for New England from London on September 19, 1635 aboard the ship "True Love". The Port of London registry, as cited by Burpee, lists his children Elizabeth, Marie, Sara, Susan, John, and Ann, along with his wife Mary. Some New England records show him as being a resident and property owner in Roxbury, Massachusetts; Hartford, Connecticutt; Martha's Vineyard and Saybrook, Connecticutt. Burpee's Story of Connecticut (pp.1459-60) contains some historical data on the ancient Birchards. In reference to a somewhat contemporary Birchard's ancestors comes this:

"The name of Birchard, Burchard, is one of the most ancient in Europe. It is first found on record in Wurzburg, lower Franconia, district of Bavaria, Germany in 750 A.D., when a St. Burchard went to Rome to secure permission from Pope Zacharias for Pepin, father of Charlemagne, to assume the kingship of the Merovingians. From that time on the Birchard, Burchard, family continued their association with the descendants of Charlemagne and played a prominent part in the formation of the French and German nations. Their prominence in the religious affairs of the continent is evidenced by the fact that a church of great antiquity bearing their name still stands.

"Many famous historical characters have borne the name of Burchard, among them six marshals of France, all of whom bore the title of Montmorency awarded by the King of France for meritorious service. Another interesting personality was Elizabeth Birchard, wife of Oliver Cromwell, the 'Great Protector of England'.

"The family was established in England during the Norman invasion. Two knights, the Lord Bourchier and the Lord Burchard, came here with William the Conqueror and were rewarded with lands in the Counties of Sussex and Essex. Their names are enrolled on the Doomsday Book, which was compiled at the behest of the Conqueror. It is generally acknowledged that the American branch of the family is descended from one of these courtiers.

Thomas Birchard and Mary Robinson (?) had the following children:

child 767 i. Elizabeth11 Birchard was born 1622.

child 768 ii. Marie Birchard was born 1623.

child 769 iii. Sara Birchard was born 1626.

child 770 iv. Susan Birchard was born 1627.

child + 562 v. John Birchard was born 1628.

child 771 vi. Ann Birchard was born 1633.

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