600. Rev. James11 Fitch (Thomas12, Thomas13, Thomas14, Thomas15, Thomas16, Thomas17, William18, Thomas19, Thomas20, William21, John22)(696) was born in Bocking, Essex, England 1622.(697) Rev. died 1702 in Lebanon, New London Co, Connecticut, at age 80.

He married twice. He married Abigail Whitfield October 1648 in Norwich, New London, CT.(698) Abigail was the daughter of Rev. Henry Whitfield and Dorothy Sheaffe. Abigail died September 9, 1659 in Norwich, New London, CT, at age unknown.(699) She was baptized September 1, 1622 in Ockley, Surrey, England.(700) He married Prissilla Mason October 1664 in Norwich, New London, CT.(701) He was Chaplain of the regiment from the Norwich, Connecticut area in King Phillip's War. From Burpee's text we find that the Reverend studied in Hartford with Thomas Hooker and Samuel Stone (James' brother Joseph married Stone's daughter Mary). He was ordained a pastor in Saybrook, and subsequently moved to Norwich. Connecticut Trilogy tells us that a company of Saybrook planters, "under the spiritual direction of the Reverend Fitch" and the assistance of John Mason, purchased land just above the Indian fort. He apparently spent some energy on helping the Indians. He is mentioned petitioning on behalf of them to the Royal Commission headed by Governor Dudley of Massachusetts. And, of course, he saw it as his mission to convert the heathen to Christianity. From Trilogy comes:

But he did not make any great headway until in 1676 when a great drought ruined all the crops. The Mohegans called in the services of a medicine man but all his whirlings and howlings did not draw down a drop of moisture. [Chief] Uncas then appealed to the white man to see what his God could do. The Reverend Fitch saw his chance. He promised to try if Uncas would give credit where credit was due in case of success. Then the planters set a day for prayer. They prayed and they prayed but not a cloud veiled the brassy sun until just as it was going down, and then a tiny one drifted across its face. For several days it was overcast. And then came the deluge. It rained and it rained and it rained. And then it rained some more.

Indian stories with Fitch involved continue. During early land grabs, one of Chief Uncas' minions, somewhat drunk, set fire to the Norwich jail. For retribution, Fitch and company were given an additional 100 acres of Mohegan land. This and other land acquisitions gave them quite a parcel. Fitch, Mason and the others proceeded to survey the rattlesnake-infested land and assign Home-Lots. It is said that this was the first settlement in America to be so surveyed and planned before families actually moved in (Trilogy, p. 164).

Rev. James Fitch and Abigail Whitfield had the following children:

child 601 i. James10 Fitch Major(702) was born in Norwich, New London, CT August 2, 1649. James died November 10, 1727 in Canterbury, CT, at age 78.(703) He married Alice Bradford May 8, 1687 in Norwich, New London, CT.(704) Alice was born 1662 in Plymouth, MA. Alice(705) was the daughter of Major William Bradford. Alice died March 15, 1745/1746 in Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut, at age 82.

child 602 ii. Abigail Fitch(706) was born in Seabrook, CT August 1650.

child 603 iii. Elisabeth Fitch(707) was born in Seabrook, CT January 1651/1652.

child 604 iv. Hannah Fitch(708) was born in Seabrook, CT September 1653.

child + 429 v. Samuel Fitch was born April 1655.

child 605 vi. Dorothy Fitch(709) was born in Seabrook, CT April 1658.

Rev. James Fitch and Prissilla Mason had the following children:

child 606 vii. Danell Fitch(710) was born in Norwich, New London, CT August 1665.

child 607 viii. John Fitch was born in Norwich, New London, CT January 1667/1668.

child 608 ix. Jeremiah Fitch was born in Norwich, New London, CT September 1670.

child 609 x. Jabez Fitch was born in Norwich, New London, CT April 1672.

child 610 xi. Anne Fitch was born in Norwich, New London, CT April 1675.

child 611 xii. Nathanell Fitch was born in Norwich, New London, CT October 1679.

child 612 xiii. Joseph Fitch was born in Norwich, New London, CT November 1681.

child 613 xiv. Eleazer Fitch was born in Norwich, New London, CT May 14, 1683.

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