792. Rev. Henry12 Whitfield (Thomas13, Robert14, Robert15, Myles16, Richard17, Richard18, William19, John20, William21, William22)(1038) was born in Mortlake, Surrey, England 1597.(1039) Rev. died September 1657 in Winchester, England, at age 60.(1040)

He married Dorothy Sheaffe 1618 in England.(1041) Dorothy(1042) was the daughter of Edmund Sheaffe and Elizabeth Cotton.

Rev. immigrated to July 1639.(1043)

The Reverend came from England to America in the ship Hector with Eaton and Davenport, and with "considerable money in his pocket and, in the back of his mind, the purpose of founding a religious hierarchy of his own." (Connecticut Trilogy p. 240). He and his party arrived at Menunkatuck, or Guilford. The Indian "queen bee" Shaumpishuh relinquished this land in return for a dozen each of coats, shoes, pots, hatchets, knives, porringers, and, finally, a dozen looking-glasses and two pairs of stockings. The Reverend and his company then built Guilford's Old Stone House, is reputed to be the oldest stone dwelling in America (see Trilogy). Apparently, it still stands and is a somewhat restored status. It is probable that Whitfield's daughter(s) were married here. Whitfield and his wife Dorothy went back to England around 1651, but Old Stone continued to be a place of worship for some time to come.

Rev. Henry Whitfield and Dorothy Sheaffe had the following children:

child + 614 i. Abigail11 Whitfield.

child 793 ii. Dorothy Whitfield(1044). She was baptized March 25, 1619/1620 in Ockley, Surrey, England.

child 794 iii. Sarah Whitfield(1045). Sarah died 1675 in America, at age unknown. She was baptized November 1, 1620 in Ockley, Surrey, England.

child 795 iv. Thomas Whitfield(1046). He was baptized December 28, 1624 in Ockley, Surrey, England.

child 796 v. John Whitfield(1047). John died in England, at age unknown. John immigrated to. He was baptized February 11, 1626/1627 in Ockley, Surrey, England.

child 797 vi. Nathaniel Whitfield(1048). He was baptized June 28, 1629 in Ockley, Surrey, England. Nathaniel immigrated to circa 1655.

child 798 vii. Mary Whitfield(1049). She was baptized March 4, 1631/1632 in Ockley, Surrey, England.

child 799 viii. Henry Whitfield(1050). Henry died February 28, 1634/1635 in Ockley, Surrey, England, at age unknown. He was baptized March 9, 1633/1634 in Ockley, Surrey, England.

child 800 ix. Rebecca Whitfield(1051). She was baptized December 22, 1635 in Ockley, Surrey, England.

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