751. Stephen12 Post (Abraham13, Thomas14, Peter Arnold15 Van Der Poest, Peter16 Post, Goosen17)(939) was born in Hollingbourne, Kent, England 1596.(940) Stephen died August 16, 1659 in Oyster River, Saybrook, CT, at age unknown.(941)

He married Elinor Langley 1625 in Kent, England.(942) Elinor was born CA 1606 in Hollingbourne, Kent, England. (Additional notes for Elinor Langley(943)) Elinor died November 13, 1670 in Saybrook, CT, at age unknown.(944) She had marriage banns published October 17, 1625 Langley Parish, Hollingbourne, Kent, England.(945)

Stephen had marriage banns to an unknown person published October 17, 1625 Langley Parish, Hollingbourne, Kent, England.(946) Stephen immigrated to circa 1635. Stephen's will was probated August 31, 1659 in Saybrook, CT. He may have come to America with the Reverend Thomas Hooker aboard the ship "Griffin" in 1634 or 1635, and settled at New Town, now Cambridge, Mass., on the south side of the Charles River near Boston. He had twelve acres of land there. According to C.W. Post genealogy (see Post Family Bible), he came four months after Hooker due to the birth of a child.

Hooker was a strong believer in democracy. When John Winthrop, in a letter to Hooker defending severe restrictions on suffrage, said that "the best part is always the least, and of that best part the wiser part is always the lesser", Hooker replied with the often-quoted remark: "in matters which concern the common good, a general council, chosen by all, to transact businesses which concern all, I conceive the most suitable to rule and most safe fore relief of the whole." Some authorites say that Hooker, more than any other, deserves to be called the father of American democracy. His quest for democracy led Hooker and his congregation to seek a new site on which to build a new city. He is buried in lot 441 in the old cemetary at Main and Gold Streets in Hartford.

In 1635, Steven Post and over 100 other followers accompanied Rev. Hooker to the valley of the Connecticut River, where they founded the city of Hartford, Connecticut. The founder's monument stands in the same old cemetary where Hooker was buried in 1647, and bears about 80 names. Among these are Stephen Post, William Hyde, Matthew Marvin, and Thomas Bliss Jr. and Sr. The current monument was erected in 1986, replacing the original sandstone one of 1837.

In 1649, Stephen moved to Saybrook (now Westbrook), Connecticut, where he made his home until his death in 1659. A notice of a Saybrook town meeting, January 7, 1655-6, exists which mentions the presence of the following: Thomas Adgate William Hide Robert Bull Randall Marvin Thomas Burchet William Parker William Bushnell John Post Robert Chapman Stephen Post John Clark, Sen. Jonathan Rudd Thomas Dunke Richard Tousland Richard Edgerton Thomas Tracy Francis Griswold William Waller

The inventory of his estate, taken by John Clarke, Thomas Leffingwell, and Christopher Huntington, was valued at 442 pounds.

Stephen Post and Elinor Langley had the following children:

child 752 i. Thomas11 Post(947). Thomas died September 5, 1701 in Norwich, New London, CT, at age unknown. He married twice. He married Mary Andrews 1656.(948) (Additional notes for Mary Andrews(949)) Mary died 1661 in Norwich, New London, CT, at age unknown. He married Rebecca Bruen after 1661/1662. Rebecca was born 1644. Rebecca(950) was the daughter of Obadiah Bruen and Rebecca (unknown). Rebecca died April 15, 1721 in Norwich, New London, CT, at age 76.

He was baptized November 1, 1631 Otham, Kent, Englad.(951)

child 753 ii. Catherine Post. She married twice. She married Alex Chalker 1649.(952) (Additional notes for Alex Chalker(953)) She married John Hills 1673.(954) (Additional notes for John Hills(955))


tombstone, John Post

child + 550 iii. John Post was born 13 Sep 1629.

child 754 iv. Abraham Post(956) was born in Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut circa 1640.(957) Abraham died circa 1691 in Saybrook, CT, at age unknown.(958) He married twice. He married Lydia Buckland.(959) Lydia(960) was the daughter of William Buckland and Mary Bosworth. Lydia died before 1701 at age unknown. He married Mary Jordan circa 1663. Mary was born circa 1640.(961) Mary(962) was the daughter of John Jordan and Ann Bishop. Mary died March 23, 1684/1685 in Saybrook, CT, at age 43.(963) He was made a freeman in 1665, an ensign two years later, and became a lieutenant of the Saybrook Fort in 1680. He served quite often in various town positions and committees, mostly those concerned with land surveying and dealing with the Indians (most notably, Uncas, Sachem of the Mohegans). He left real estate valued at over 487 pounds. His eldest son Stephen received 121 pounds, the other children 52 pounds each. NEHGR 7/92

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