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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 concubine  Abt 1078Scotland I4995
2 concubine 2  Abt 1144Scotland I6000
3 concubine 3  Abt 1146Scotland I6002
4 concubine 4  Abt 1148Scotland I6004
5 concubine 6  Abt 1151Scotland I6008
6 Sigrid Or Sigarith  Abt 1075Scotland I7796
7 Aethelreda  Abt 1042Scotland I3391
8 Avenel, Miss concubine 1  Abt 1143Scotland I5998
9 Barr, Henry  Scotland I804
10 Beaumont, Ermengarde de Queenof Scotland  Abt 1170Scotland I5076
11 Cumberland  Abt 899Scotland I3422
12 Dalriada, Fergus of  Abt 733Scotland I3387
13 Earl of, David  Abt 1130Scotland I6036
14 FitzWalter, Avelina  Abt 1179Scotland I7792
15 FitzWalter, David  Abt 1182Scotland I7794
16 FitzWalter, Walter High Steward  Abt 1180Scotland I7793
17 Galightly, Henry  Abt 1168Scotland I6005
18 Huntingdon, Ada  Abt 1170Scotland I6022
19 Huntington, Henry Earl of  Abt 1110Scotland I5146
20 Lochaber, Doir Thane of  Abt 842Scotland I3425
21 Moray, Findlaech Mormaer of  Abt 982Scotland I3409
22 Morel, Arkil  Bef 1075Scotland I3234
23 Morel, Sybil  Bef 1095Scotland I1942
24 Moreville, Walter  Abt 1060Scotland I8089
25 Reid, Margaret  4 Feb 1787Scotland I604
26 Scotland  Abt 838Scotland I3382
27 Scotland Queen Ireland  Abt 842Scotland I3383
28 Scotland  Abt 864Scotland I3427
29 Scotland  Abt 865Scotland I3428
30 Scotland  Abt 934Scotland I3418
31 Scotland  Abt 960Scotland I3416
32 Scotland  Abt 1014Scotland I3406
33 Scotland  Abt 1031Scotland I3401
34 Scotland  Abt 1044Scotland I3407
35 Scotland  1061Scotland I3393
36 Scotland  Abt 1078Scotland I4993
37 Scotland earl of Mora  Abt 1095Scotland I3395
38 Scotland  Abt 1100Scotland I4996
39 Scotland  Abt 1100Scotland I4997
40 Scotland  Abt 1114Scotland I5148
41 Scotland  1143Scotland I5994
42 Scotland, Ada  Abt 1164Scotland I6001
43 Scotland, Anleta Thora of  Abt 988Scotland I3412
44 Scotland, Aufrica de  Bef 1160Scotland I6009
45 Scotland, Donalda of  Abt 986Scotland I3410
46 Scotland, Malcolm IV The  20 Mar 1142Scotland I5992
47 Scotland, Margaret de  Abt 1170Scotland I6007
48 Scotland, of  Abt 1084Scotland I5158
49 Scotland, of  Abt 1116Scotland I5149
50 Scotland, of  Abt 1117Scotland I5150

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beaumont, Ermengarde de Queenof Scotland  4 Feb 1234Scotland I5076
2 Dunbar  1075Scotland I3233
3 Dunbar  23 Aug 1138Scotland I1944
4 Dunbar, Maldred Earl of  1045Scotland I3211
5 Hlodversson, Sigurd II earl of Orkney  1014Scotland I3411
6 Moray, Findlaech Mormaer of  1020Scotland I3409
7 Moray, Gillacomgan Mormaer of  1032Scotland I3405
8 Morel, Arkil  1095Scotland I3234
9 Orkney, Thorfinn Earl of  1061Scotland I3413
10 Scotland  Abt 878Scotland I3382
11 Scotland, of  Scotland I5150
12 Sibyl  1040Scotland I3404
13 Wilson, James  Scotland I829


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Huntingdon / Kivilioc  26 Aug 1190Scotland F2547
2 Scotland / Scotland  Abt 1094Scotland F1408