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Leicester, Leicestershire, England



Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beaumont, Amice de Countess Of Lei  Abt 1152Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6644
2 Beaumont, Earl Robert de  Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3672
3 Beaumont, Elizabeth Countess Of Leic  Abt 1140Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6053
4 Beaumont, Geffery de  Abt 1146Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6056
5 Beaumont, Geoffrey de  Abt 1161Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6641
6 Beaumont, Gervace de  Abt 1138Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6052
7 Beaumont, Hawise de  Abt 1134Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6050
8 Beaumont, Hawise de  Abt 1164Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6642
9 Beaumont, Henry de  Abt 1148Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6057
10 Beaumont, Isabel de  Abt 1087Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3509
11 Beaumont, Isabel de  Abt 1132Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6049
12 Beaumont, John de  Abt 1144Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6055
13 Beaumont, Mabel de  Abt 1162Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6650
14 Beaumont, Margaret de  Abt 1154Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6051
15 Beaumont, Pernel de  Abt 1166Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6643
16 Beaumont, Robert II de Earl Leicester  1104Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6046
17 Beaumont, Robert III de Earl Leicester  Abt 1130Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6048
18 Beaumont, Roger de Bishop Of Saint  Abt 1160Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6640
19 Breteuil, Robert de Earl Leicester  Abt 1158Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6647
20 Breteuil, William de  Abt 1156Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6639
21 Plantagenet, Edward  1365Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4542
22 Plantagenet, Elizabeth  Abt 1359Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4540
23 Plantagenet, John  1364Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4541
24 Plantagenet, John  Abt 1367Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4544
25 Plantagenet, Philippa  31 Mar 1360Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4539


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Castile leon, of  24 Mar 1394Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4546
2 Grentmesnil, Petronilla  1 Apr 1212Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6638