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Dutton, Cheshire, England



Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dutton, Alice  Abt 1452Dutton, Cheshire, England I4379
2 Dutton, Alice  Abt 1457Dutton, Cheshire, England I4384
3 Dutton, Anna  Abt 1449Dutton, Cheshire, England I4378
4 Dutton, Eleanor  Abt 1439Dutton, Cheshire, England I4373
5 Dutton, Eleanor  Abt 1455Dutton, Cheshire, England I4382
6 Dutton, Elizabeth  Abt 1456Dutton, Cheshire, England I4383
7 Dutton, Geffrey  Abt 1318Dutton, Cheshire, England I7447
8 Dutton, Hancock  Abt 1322Dutton, Cheshire, England I7449
9 Dutton, Hugh de 9th Lord Of Dutt  8 Dec 1276Dutton, Cheshire, England I7443
10 Dutton, Isabel  Abt 1445Dutton, Cheshire, England I4376
11 Dutton, Isabel  Abt 1452Dutton, Cheshire, England I4380
12 Dutton, John  Abt 1444Dutton, Cheshire, England I4375
13 Dutton, Katherine  Abt 1300Dutton, Cheshire, England I7451
14 Dutton, Laurence  Abt 1458Dutton, Cheshire, England I4385
15 Dutton, Margaret  Abt 1446Dutton, Cheshire, England I4377
16 Dutton, Margaret  Abt 1453Dutton, Cheshire, England I4381
17 Dutton, Peter  Abt 1442Dutton, Cheshire, England I4374
18 Dutton, Robert  Abt 1320Dutton, Cheshire, England I7448
19 Dutton, Thomas 10th Lord Dutton  1314Dutton, Cheshire, England I7445
20 Dutton, Thomas Sir  1421Dutton, Cheshire, England I4372
21 Dutton, William  Abt 1316Dutton, Cheshire, England I7446