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Dursley, Gloucestershire, England



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Berkeley, Alice de  Abt 1133Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3434
2 Berkeley, Isabella de  Abt 1170Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3475
3 Berkeley, John de  Abt 1071Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3481
4 Berkeley, Letitia de  Abt 1145Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3468
5 Berkeley, Miss de  Abt 1067Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3480
6 Berkeley, Mr de  Abt 1069Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3482
7 Berkeley, Oliver de  Abt 1141Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3467
8 Berkeley, Oliver de  Abt 1166Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3474
9 Berkeley, Philip de  Abt 1137Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3466
10 Berkeley, Philip de  Abt 1162Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3473
11 Berkeley, Robert de  Abt 1158Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3472
12 Berkeley, Roger I de  Abt 1040Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3477
13 Berkeley, Roger II de  Abt 1073Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3476
14 Berkeley, Roger III de  Abt 1105Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3465
15 Berkeley, Roger IV de  Abt 1131Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3469
16 Berkeley, Roger V de  Abt 1154Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3471
17 Unknown, Rissa  Abt 1044Dursley, Gloucestershire, England I3478