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Castile, Spain



Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Leon castile, Berengaria Queen of  1181Castile, Spain I4878
2 Leon and castile, of  Abt 1039Castile, Spain I5391
3 Leon  Abt 1137Castile, Spain I5328
4 Guzman, Ximena de  Abt 1032Castile, Spain I5389
5 Dammartin, Joana de Countess  Aft 1208Castile, Spain I5366
6 Castile galicia  1105Castile, Spain I5324
7 Castile, Urraca Queen of  1082Castile, Spain I5331
8 Castile, Sanchia Queen of Aragon  21 Sep 1154Castile, Spain I5307
9 Castile, of  1195Castile, Spain I4887
10 Castile, of  Abt 1194Castile, Spain I4886
11 Castile, of  Abt 1193Castile, Spain I4885
12 Castile, of  Abt 1192Castile, Spain I4884
13 Castile, of  Abt 1190Castile, Spain I4883
14 Castile, of  Abt 1185Castile, Spain I4880
15 Castile, of Queen of France  Abt 1133Castile, Spain I5326
16 Castile  14 Apr 1204Castile, Spain I4888
17 Castile  1192Castile, Spain I5365
18 Castile  29 Nov 1189Castile, Spain I4882
19 Castile  Abt 1182Castile, Spain I4879
20 Castile  1180Castile, Spain I4877
21 Castile  1039Castile, Spain I5387


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Navarra, of  12 Aug 1156Castile, Spain I5383
2 Leon castile, Berengaria Queen of  1245Castile, Spain I4878
3 Leon  23 Sep 1230Castile, Spain I5375
4 Dammartin, Simon de  1239Castile, Spain I5434
5 Castile, Urraca Queen of  6 Mar 1126Castile, Spain I5331
6 Castile, of Queen of France  4 Oct 1160Castile, Spain I5326
7 Castile  30 May 1252Castile, Spain I5365
8 Castile  1180Castile, Spain I4877
9 Castile  Abt 1158Castile, Spain I5327


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ponthieu / France  20 Aug 1195Castile, Spain F2356
2 France / Castile  1154Castile, Spain F2053
3 Castile galicia / Barcelona  1125Castile, Spain F2315
4 Castile / Dammartin  1237Castile, Spain F1929
5 Castile / Burgundy  May 1081Castile, Spain F2319