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Dorothy Thompson

Female 1624 - Abt 1709  (~ 84 years)

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Martha Wheeler
Female 1670-1745
Martha Parke
Female 1646-1716
Isaac Wheeler
Male Abt 1646-1711
Samuel Parke
Male 1673-1750
Thomas Parke
Male 1676-Yes, date unknown
Mary Parke
Female 1678-Yes, date unknown
Jonathan Parke
Male 1679-Yes, date unknown
Deborah Parke
Female 1680-Yes, date unknown
Eleazer Parke
Male Abt 1682-Yes, date unknown
Hannah Parke
Female Abt 1684-Yes, date unknown
Thomas Parke
Male 1648-Yes, date unknown
Mary Allyn
Female 1642-Yes, date unknown
Nathaniel Parke
Male Abt 1650-Yes, date unknown
Rebecca Parke
Female 1682-Yes, date unknown
Joanna Parke
Female 1692-Yes, date unknown
Robert Parke
Male 1651-Yes, date unknown
Rachel Leffingwell
Female 1648-Yes, date unknown
Hezekiah Parke
Male 1695-1752
Jemima Parke
Female 1696-Yes, date unknown
Robert Parke
Male 1697-Yes, date unknown
Keziah Parke
Female 1700-Yes, date unknown
Margaret Parke
Female 1702-Yes, date unknown
Dorothy Parke
Female 1704-Yes, date unknown
Rose Parke
Female 1707-Yes, date unknown
Unknown Parke
Female 1708-Yes, date unknown
Mary Rose
Female Abt 1655-
Joseph Morgan
Male 1671-Yes, date unknown
Hannah Morgan
Female 1673-1697
Elizabeth Witter
Female 1694-1741
Mary Witter
Female 1696-Yes, date unknown
Josiah Witter
Male 1698-1698
Joseph Witter
Male 1698-Yes, date unknown
Dorothy Witter
Female 1702-1779
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Hannah Witter
Female 1704-1743
Hannah Witter
Female 1706-1743
William Witter
Male 1707-1798
Abigail Witter
Female 1712-1712
Josiah Witter
Male 1712-Yes, date unknown
Dorothy Morgan
Female 1675-1759
Ebenezer Witter
Male 1668-1712
Daniel Brewster
Male Abt 1675-Yes, date unknown
Anne Morgan
Female 1678-Yes, date unknown
John Perkins
Male 1709-1761
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Matthew Perkins
Male 1713-1773
William Perkins
Male 1722-Yes, date unknown
Martha Morgan
Female 1681-1754
Joseph Perkins
Male 1674-1726
Prudence (Hebert) Hibbard
Female 1711-Yes, date unknown
Jabez Delano
Male 1708-1752
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Margeret Hibbard
Female 1713-Yes, date unknown
Nathan Hibbard
Male 1715-1798
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Reuben Hibbard
Male 1718-Yes, date unknown
Ebenezer Hibbard, Jr.
Male 1720-Yes, date unknown
Keziah Hibbard
Female 1722-Yes, date unknown
Caleb Bishop
Male 1715-1785
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Abigail Hibbard
Female 1724-Yes, date unknown
Shubael Hibbard
Male 1726-Yes, date unknown
Margaret (Margery) Morgan
Female 1686-Yes, date unknown
Ebenezer Hibbard
Male 1682-1732
Abigail Morgan
Female 1689-1693
Deborah Morgan
Female 1694-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Loomer
Female 1719-Yes, date unknown
Stephen Loomer
Male 1721-1790
Anna Loomer
Female 1724-1802
Samuel Loomer
Male 1726-1761
Dr Joseph Loomer
Male 1728-1778
John Loomer
Male 1731-1790
Mary Loomer
Female 1734-1814
Ebenezer Loomer
Male 1737-1821
Daniel Loomer
Male 1739-Yes, date unknown
Anna Morgan
Female 1697-1787
Samuel Loomer
Male 1693-1786
William Parke
Male 1654-Yes, date unknown
John Parke
Male Abt 1656-Yes, date unknown
Alice Parke
Female Abt 1658-Yes, date unknown
Phebe Parke
Female Abt 1692-1777
Nathaniel Parke
Male Abt 1662-1718
Sarah Jeer
Female Abt 1662-Yes, date unknown
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Dorothy Thompson
Female 1624-Abt 1709
Thomas Parke
Male 1616-1709