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201 ||||He Graduated Queen's College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1605, and graduated there in 1609 with a Master of Arts degree. First ordained a Deacon by the Bishop of Lincoln, he becameCurate of Bennington, Hertfordshire in 1607 and Curate of Parish Church at Egerton, Kent about 1611.
In 1623 he leaves Egerton and renounces his church orders, siding with the cause of the Independants. He was called to succeed Rev. Henry Jacob as Pastor of the First Independant Church inSouthwark, London in 1624. But trouble with the larger church awaited him, for in 1632 Bishop Laud's warrant officer invades the home where Rev. Lothropp and about 50 of his flock weresecretly worshipping. He was taken to Clink Prison, Newgate, London, on April 22, 1632. He visited his dying wife, Hannah, briefly in 1633. Early in 1634 all but Lothropp were released onbail; he, the leader of the Independant group, was deemed too dangerous to be set at liberty. On April 24, 1634 his petition for liberty to go into foreign exile was granted.
He arrived in America aboard the Griffin. On January 19, 1634 he was chosen Pastor in Scituate, Massachussetts. 
Lathrop, John Reverend (I658)
202 ||||He is credited with having defeated Macbeth at Lumphanan. Being on poor terms with William II, he was killed invading England. Scotland Malcolm III King of (I3401)
203 ||||He is said to have been slain by his rivals after attending a tournament at Croydon. Warenne, William de (I4736)
204 ||||He was a half-brother to English King Henry II. Plantagenet, Hamelin (I4904)
205 ||||He was a judge, Barnstable County, 1643. He served in Major Williard's expedition against Ninigret in 1654, and he served with Lieutenant Avery in the expedition for the relief of Uncas,1659(?).
He had a grandson, Dr. Daniel Lathrop who, with his brother Dr. Joshua Lathrop, created the first drug store in Connecticut. Joshua had graduated from Yale University in 1743. Thebrothers Lathrop had an apprentice in their shop, the infamous Benedict Arnold. (see Trilogy, pp. 177-178) 
Lathrop, Samuel (I47)
206 ||||He was a member of the committee to gather supplies for the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War. Post, John (I20)
207 ||||He was a Revolutionary War soldier in Vermont. Post, Roswell (I992)
208 ||||He was Comte de Roucy in 997; Comte de Reims in 1023; and Archbishop of Reims in 1021. de Roucy, Ebles I Count (I3602)
209 ||||He was made a freeman in 1665, an ensign two years later, and became a lieutenant of the Saybrook Fort in 1680. He served quite often in various town positions and committees, mostly thoseconcerned with land surveying and dealing with the Indians (most notably, Uncas, Sachem of the Mohegans).
He left real estate valued at over 487 pounds. His eldest son Stephen received 121 pounds, the other children 52 pounds each. NEHGR 7/92 
Post, Abraham (I234)
210 ||||He was of Rotherfield, Somerton, and Hardwick. Grey, Robert de (I8105)
211 ||||He was regarded as industrious and thrifty. At age 22, he had bought 22 acres of land in two separate transactions, and seven years later bought 14 more. Isham, Samuel (I698)
212 ||||He was, at least in 1923, the County Surveyor of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Lander, Frank R. (I195)
213 ||||His will left his mansion and adjacent lands to his son Robert; 50 pounds to his son James; and 40 pounds each to the rest of his children. He provided 40 shillings for the poor, and a 4pound annuity for his wife.

Foote, Robert (I935)
214 ||||It appears that Calva is the brother of Hilduin III, Comte de Montdidier; Hilduin III married Calva's wife's mother Beatrix. de Ramerupt, Manasses Calva Asina (I8300)
215 ||||John was one of the founders of Norwich, Connecticut in 1660.
His wife, Hester Hyde, was the daughter of William Hyde. William was, according to family legend, cousin of Ann Hyde, the wife of James II of England while he was the Duke of York. Annwas the mother of Queens Ann and Mary of England. 
Post, John (I14)
216 ||||John was reported lost at sea sometime in 1818. Post, Sarah B. (I208)
217 ||||Knight/Sepulchre, 1448 Morgan, John Sir (I4276)
218 ||||Mary and her sister Rebecca were among those accused at the Salem Witchcraft Trials and put to death by hanging on Gallows Hill. From her prison cell, she wrote:

"...seeing we are unable to plead our own cause, nor is counsel allowed to those in our who are our judges...please be of counsel to us where in we may standin need. We are not conscious to ourselves of any guilt in the least degree of that crime whereof we are now accused...nor of any other scandalous evil, or miscarriage inconsistent withChristianity." 
Towne, Mary (I836)
219 ||||Please note that the author cannot, at this time, positively show that Edward and Martha are the parents of Mary. White, Mary (I81)
220 ||||She came to America from England aboard the ship Anne which arrived in Plymouth in July 1623, along with her brother John Oldham and his wife. Oldham, Lucretia (I37)
221 ||||She married, (1) Edward Bennet Close of Greenwich, CT; they had two daughters; divorced. Married (2), Edward F. Hutton, one daughter, divorced. Married (3), Honorable Joseph E. Davies,Ambassador to Russia, no issue, divorced. Merriweather, Ella Leticia (I1003)
222 ||||She was the widow of Samuel Hyde. Lee, Jane (I282)
223 ||||The "Lander Family" documents tell the story that one day, while Mary's husband Gideon was serving with General Herkimer's army, a band of hostile Indians attacked the cabin. Mary wasbarely able to escape the Indians, but succeeded because the Indians ripped open the feather beds and threw the feathers everywhere, dancing in the process. Quackenbush, Mary (I180)
224 ||||There is additional information on Abigail's ancestors that is not included here. This includes the surnames Strong, Caverly, Ingersoll, Adams, Woodward, Ford, Dickinson, Miller, et al (inother words, several generations further back). Kellogg, Abigail (I969)
225 ||||There is some question as to Anney's maiden name. Thatcher, Anney (I860)
226 ||||Vice President of the United States Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich (I8292)

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