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Hello and thanks for visiting!

My name is Doug Latsch and this is the beginning of my look into the past and my personal search to find out where my family came from.


This webpage of family history was created, primarily, as a way for me to share what I’ve found with my immediate family but also to offer this information to any other researcher that may be looking for a surname in my index(please contact me!).  For anyone that’s looked into his or her own family history, especially if you’re immediate family is as small as mine is, you know the challenges and frustrations that I’ve encountered along the way.  When I started looking into my ancestry in August 2006, I imagined I’d be at it for a couple of weeks…yeah right!


At this point, I consider myself little more than a novice genealogist and in no way claim to know the best methods or resources for finding information, nor do I profess to say that I’ve been the most organized researcher.  My method and direction has mostly been governed by fancy or interesting facts I seem to stumble into once in a while, most of which are the result of an unassuming email, a post to a mailing list, or the simple generosity of a fellow researcher.  My interest and dedication ebbs and flows, taking the form of obsession during those brief and very rare “Eureka!” moments. 


I’ve tried not to include any information that is without foundation and have tried to confirm data through at least two independent sources before including it here. 


My thanks to:

My grandmother, the last and oldest living source I have to my own family, who’s memory of dates and people is absolutely astounding!

My father, for giving me his scrapbook to confirm my findings on the Evans family in Ohio and others bits I would have missed.

My wife’s cousin, Jaki, for providing almost all of the Brennan family data.

My beautiful wife for indulging my finds and trying to act excited as I am when I explain some recently uncovered scrap of history, no matter how small.

…and last, but certainly not least, a special thanks to Robert Bradley and http://www.ancestors-genealogy.com/ for their generosity in allowing me to share this content.


Please check back for updates as I’m constantly uncovering new facts or updating old ones!  Also, please email me with any comments or suggestions. 





Updated: May 3, 2007 

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