This website is devoted to reconstructing the history of five families that emigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe at the end of the nineteenth century. It is provided as a reference point for many now far-flung offspring of the emigrant generation in the hope that they may be interested in the growing narrative about their fascinating lives.

The emigrant generation assimilated rapidly to their new surroundings primarily by raising their children as Americans. They themselves straddled the identity divide by not only preserving elements of their native origins, but in some cases building institutions to hold their emigrant communities together in a small imagined community within the larger one.

In their endeavors to assimilate, much information was lost; time and distance have further conspired to erode their footprints. This website is an attempt to gather some of the lost information by making available known data in the hope that others who may know other pieces might share what they know. If you would like to share information, please write to me at:


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