Walter Grannan, 1896-1977


    Peter and Helen had two sons:  Walter and Jimmie.  Helen died in 1899 just after Jimmie is born.  Pete owns a 200 acre farm in Reeve Township given to him by his parents Patrick and Pheobe.   Pete would die on 31 Dec 1928.

    WALTER J. GRANNAN (November 15, 1896 - November 13, 1977) (my grandfather) was born on November 15, 1896, and was baptized in St. Patricks Church in Corning, Indiana on November 18, 1896.  The sponsors were "Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Grannan."  This is odd when you note that Patrick died in 1893.  This could have been a misprint that meant to say "Mr. and Mrs. Peter Grannan". 

    Little is known about the family farm or of Peter Grannan.  Sometime during Walter's life the farm disappeared. Peter was the last known legal owner.  Family lore is that it was sold by the state in 1918 while Walter was in the Army.  I am trying to find out where, why, when, etc about the farm.  Hopefully I can get an Index of Land Deeds for Daviess County and shed some light on this subject.

    Little is known about Walter and Jimmy’s life growing up.  Walter Grannan was drafted in the Army in World War I.  He was a Private in the 24th Company, 159th Depot Brigade, U.S. Army Serial Number 4740296.  He was inducted September 5, 1918 at Washington, Indiana for a period of "The Emergency" and was Honorably Discharged December 5, 1918 for reasons of "Demobilization".   

















After the Army, Walter joined the B+O Railroad as a machinist.  He lived in Flora, Illinois for a time.  I have an old address book that once belonged to him.  This book lists his address as “Box 41 Flora, Ill Mar 22 1923.”  This same book had James Grannan's address of “2073 N. 13th St. Terre Haute, Indiana Apr 2 1926.”  There were several more addresses in this book which was found in a trunk that belonged to Walter.

- Mrs. Stillwell 203 W. Main St. Washington, Ind.

- Miss Augusta Mae Crane 425 S. Race St. Princeton, Ind. (would become his wife)

- First Nat. Bank, Flora, Ill B+O Pass # 48166

- Leander Richardson B+O Route 12 Homer, LA.

- Walter J. Grannan 709 W. Main St. Wash. Ind.

- Mr. Ed Lundy 1829 Woodlawn Ave Indianapolis, Ind.  (Augusta's grandfather maybe?)

- Mrs. Harvey Wilcox R.R. R001 Allerton, Ill.

     Peter Grannan (Walter’s father) died on December 31, 1928.  In the book Cemeteries of Daviess County, Indiana, he is listed in the Unmarked Graves Section of St. Patrick's Cemetery in Corning.  It says he died on December 31, 1928 at the age of 69.  This adds a little more mystery to this guy.   


    Walter J. Grannan married AUGUSTA M AE CRANE on June 29, 1926 in Princeton, Indiana.  .  Augusta Crane was born May 22, 1903 and would live untill 1969.    Augusta's father was CHARLIE CRANE and her mother's maiden name was LUNDY.  Charlie was a railroad engineer for the Southern Railroad and a veteran of the Indiana national Guard.  It is interesting that Charlie Crane’s discharge reads that he was “Honorably discharged from the service of the state of Indiana in consequence of having declined to enter the Volunteer Army of the United States...” dated May 12, 1898.  I assume this was in response to the April 25, 1898 U.S. Declaration of War (Spanish-American War).  This was a controversial war opposed by much of the population as an American display of imperialism in an attempt to take Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Phillipines from Spain.  Among those opposed were Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie, several senior Republican senators, and many Democrats.  They argued that it was “contrary to the principles of American democracy.”

    Charlie had a brother named BOB CRANE who was also a railroad engineer in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  There is a LUNDY from an orphanage in Vincennes, Indiana who was a veteran of World War II and a survivor of the Bataan Death March in the Phillipines.  He might have been an uncle or cousin to Augusta.   Click here to read more about the Cranes.


    According to several old documents belonging to Donald W. Grannan, Augusta graduated from St. Josephs Grammer School on May 24, 1918.  She graduated from National Piano Instruction in April 1920 and from the 20th Century Bookkeeping Course in May 1920.  She then, of course, married Walter Grannan in 1926.  Don Grannan also has a 38 caliber pistol and holster that once belonged to Lawrence Crane (Augusta's brother and his uncle).

 Walter and Augusta Mae Grannan had three children;  


            HELEN MARIE GRANNAN (1927 - 1927) in Princeton, Indiana.

            ROBERT JOSEPH GRANNAN (1928 - 1995) in Princeton, Indiana.

            DONALD WESLEY GRANNAN (1930) in Princeton, Indiana. 


    Helen Marie died at approximately 6 months of age of whooping cough.  She was buried on July 27, 1927 in the Princeton Cemetery with a handscript headstone.  The headstone pictured here was placed there by Donald W. Grannan.  Picture was taken by Donald W. Grannan also.

    The family lived on Race St and at 1013 Stormont Ave in Princeton, Indiana until 1942.  Since Walter was a machinist for the B+O Railroad, I am assuming the family moved to Washington, Indiana in 1942 because Washington was a major railroad crossroads. 

  Robert Grannan beside house on Race St, 1929

    They lived at 500 Ogden St. until May, 1951 when they  mortgaged a house on 416 Front Street (Lots 20,61,62).  The house was bought from Robert and Rita J. Schwandner who had bought it from Leo H. Fitzpatrick in March of 1946.  The mortgage was $3,200 at 5% (32$ per month).  The house had been appraised at $4,800.  Walter paid off the mortgage in April, 1961.  This house was later sold to Michael Dean Williams in February, 1972.





Walter, Augusta, and Robert Grannan, 1929

   Walter Grannan retired from the B+O Railroad in May, 1962.  At left is a picture of Walter and Augusta taken in Sep, 1962. 



    Augusta Mae died on November 6, 1969 and Walter died on November 13, 1977, in Washington, of a "Cerebro Vascular Accident".  Among Walter’s Poll Bearers were listed JACK GRANNAN and CARL GRANNAN.  They are buried in St. John's Cemetery in Washington, IN.


JAMES GRANNAN, November 3, 1898 - 15 Aug 1970

      James Grannan (Walter's brother) never married.  He was believed to have died while on a county farm at Terre Haute.  He worked for the railroad for a time.   The Social Security Index of Deaths shows James Grannan born 3 Nov 1898, died 15 Aug 1970.   His residence was  47804 (Terre Haute, Vigo, IN).  Below is a picture of Jimmie Grannan taken in May 1929 holding his nephew Robert (Walter's son).


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