Rose Catherine Grannan, 1893 - 1982

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Special thanks to Sandra Kenkel (great-granddaughter of Rose and Loy) for the info on the Rose Grannan line.


Rose Catherine Grannan was born 14 Oct 1893 in Logoottee, Indiana to Patrick E. Grannan and Bridget Tucker.    She married Loy "Boots" Leuty on the 9th of Nov 1921 in Indianapolis, Indiana.   Loy Courtney Leuty (Boots) was born August 1, 1895 in Rhea County, Tennessee.    Everyone called him “Boots”.  He was even known as “Grandpa Boots” to his grandchildren. 



Loy and Rose had one child:   Catherine Louise Leuty born 28 Aug 1922 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

At some point, they moved to Tennessee.  And on December 31, 1963 Loy passed away in Dayton, Tennessee at age 68.  Rose then went to live with her daughter in Austin, Minnesota  Rose later passed away at the age of 88 on July 11, 1982 in Austin, MinnesotaPictured at right is Boots and Rose Leuty (Grannan) in 1943

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Catherine Louise Leuty (Cathe) attended Purdue University and received a Degree in Education.   She married John William Kuth on 27 Nov 1943 in Lafayette, Indiana.  John was born 20 May 1920 in Minneapolis, MN.  Pictured below is Catherine and John in 1943.  This picture was taken the same day as the one at right of Rose and Boots

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John was a veteran of WWII and worked as a chemist for Hormel Corporation in Austin, MN.  Catherine was a substitute teacher in the local schools.  They had eight children.

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John suffered from Heart Disease in his later years.  He died unexpectedly in his sleep at home in Austin, Minnesota on May 6, 2002.  Catherine moved to Rochester, Minnesota to be closer to her children and grandchildren.  She died on December 5, 2002.  Both John and Cathe are buried in Cavalry Catholic Cemetery in Austin, Minnesota .

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