Pete Grannan, 1859-1928

Note: Also see 1860s and 1890s pages for other information on Peter J. Grannan.

    Peter J. Grannan (my great-grandfather) was born on 10 December 1859 and baptized 27 December 1859 in St. Patrick's Church in Montgomery, IN.   Peter's baptism record shows the father as "James Grannon".  This must be a typo.  James Grannon was his grandfather. 

    Pete Grannan was a farmer.  The earliest record I have of him is on January 8, 1890, when Patrick Grannan transferred part of his land (click here for info on how Patrick obtained this land) to Peter.  I have the original land deed from this transaction which states that it was recorded on February 5, 1890 in Daviess County Indiana and consisted of "The East Half of the Northwest Quarter and the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter all in Section 21, Township Two North, Range Five West. Containing in all 120 acres." It contained the provision that Patrick Grannan maintain all rights and control over the property for as long as he lives.

   On that same date, Patrick also transferred a land deed to his wife Phoeba. I have this original deed also.  For some reason, this was not recorded until March 12, 1890. This land consisted of "The West Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 21, Township Two North, Range Five West. Containing in all 80 acres". This had the same condition as the land given his son.

    Apparently neither Patrick nor Phoebe could write because all deeds with their signatures contained an 'X' for their mark (see the bottom of the deeds).


    Later, in 1900, Phoebe would pass on her land to Peter as well.

    I'm wondering if Patrick also gave portions of his land to Pete's brothers and sisters    James, Mary E, Bridget, George, Margaret, Patrick E., and Anna.  And, if so, what has become of it?  I don't know exactly where this land was except that it was in Daviess County in the Alfordsville/Corning area.  These towns are located very close to each other and are all within Barr Township.  I am trying to find an Index of Land Deeds for Daviess County to try and trace this land.

    On November 25, 1895, Peter J. Grannan married Helenna McGinnis (my great-grandmother).  According to her grave stone, Helen McGinnis was born in 1878.  She was 17 and Peter was 36 when they married, and their marriage is recorded in Book 8, page 297 of the state Index of Marriages. 

Helen would die in 1899 at the age of 21 after only four years of marriage, leaving behind a three year old son and his baby brother.  Her death was not recorded in the index but hopefully I can find out how she died. 

Peter and Helen had two sons:

WALTER J. GRANNAN, November 15, 1896 - November 13, 1977

JAMES GRANNAN, November 3, 1898 - 15 Aug 1970

    After Helen's death, little is known about Pete Grannan's life.  I did find an old wallet that belonged to him in a trunk owned by Donald W. Grannan.  Inside the wallet is inscribed "Return to Pete J. Grannan, Alfordsville, Daviess Co. IN."

    Pete Grannan died on 31 Dec 1928 and is buried in an unmarked grave in St. Patrick's Cemetery in Montgomery, IN.

















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