Patrick E. Grannan, 1858-1931

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    Patrick E. Grannan was born 27 January 1858 in Corning, Indiana and died 15 Jun 1931.  He was baptized 21 February 1858 in St. Patrick's Church in Reeve Township.  He married Bridget Tucker (pictured here) on 5 June 1883 in Daviess County.   Bridget Tucker was born 21 Nov 1858 in Loogoottee, Indiana and died 14 Aug 1942.       

Thanks to Sandra Kenkel (great-granddaughter of Rose Catherine Grannan and Loy Courtney Leuty) for this great picture.  I am estimating this is from approximately 1910 or possibly earlier. 

Back Row Standing:  Clara, Leo, Nell (Mary Ellen), Vincent, Cleophas, Rose, George, Anna.  Front Row:  Children Standing Helen, Eugene, Frank.  Seated: Patrick E. Grannan, Bridget Tucker

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    And also many thanks to Pat (Patrick James) Grannan (great grandson of Patrick and Bridget and grandson of Francis Grannan) for the images below, taken from the family bible, of Patrick and Bridget's marriage certificate and family register pages.

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     Patrick E. Grannan is mentioned in "History of the Catholic Church in Indiana" Logansport, Ind: A.W.Bowen Co., 1898. Vol 2, pp653-654. quoted as follows:

     GRANNAN, Patrick E.    

     Patrick E. GRANNAN, junior member of the hardware and agricultural implement firm of Fanning Co., of Montgomery, Ind., is a native of Daviess county, was born January 28, 1858, and is a son of Patrick and Phebe A. (MULLEN) GRANNAN. Patrick Grannan was born in Longford County, Ireland, December 25, 1810.  In 1840 he came to Daviess County, was here married to Miss Mullen, a native of the county, and lived a farmer until his death, November 1, 1894, a member of St. Patrick's congregation.  Mrs. Phebe A. Grannan is still a resident of St. Patrick's parish. The family born to Patrick Grannan and wife consisted of four sons and four daughters, of whom seven are still living, viz: Mary E., widow of Owen Clarke, and a resident of Loogootee; Bridget, wife of Michael Cahill, an undertaker in Montgomery; George, a farmer of St. Patrick's parish; Margaret, wife of John Fanning, hardware merchant of Montgomery; Patrick E., whose name opens this article; Peter J., a farmer in St. Patrick's parish, and Anna, wife of James Murphy, also of St. Patrick's parish.  Patrick E. Grannan was reared on his father's farm, and was educated in the common school of his district.

     He was confirmed in the first class of confirmation in the new church of St. Peter's at Montgomery, by Bishop de St. Palais, and was the youngest male member of that class.  He commenced his business life in 1883 as a farmer, and followed the vocation about twelve years, and met with very fair success.    

     June 5, 1883, he married Bridget TUCKER, a native of Daviess county,  and a daughter of William and Margaret (McDONALD) Tucker.  Mrs. GRANNAN was also confirmed by Bishop de St. Palais, and was the youngest female member of the class, the event taking place the same day her husband was confirmed, they being members of the St. Patrick's parish, but confirmed in St. Peter's church.  To the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Grannan have been born eight children, all of whom still live to bless the household of the parents, viz: Leo, who received his confirmation from Bishop Chatard; Mary E.; Clara M., George, William V.; Anna B.; Rose and Cleophas.    

     Mr. Grannan came to Montgomery and engaged in his present business with his brother-in-law, John Fanning, and toward the success of this firm he has proven to be a vital factor.  In politics Mr. Grannan is a firm democrat, and in 1897 served his party as well as his fellow citizens as treasurer of the town of Montgomery, the duties of which office he performed to the entire satisfaction of all concerned.  In religion he is a devout Catholic, and he and family are among the prominent members of St. Peter's congregation, to which they contribute of their means very freely.  Since the advent of Father Rowan, of this congregation, over three years ago, improvements were made to the extent of nearly $11,500, and toward the furnishing of this sum Mr. Grannan has not hesitated to contribute his quota.  Mr. Grannan has an elegant home in Montgomery, and he and family are among the most highly respected citizens of the thriving little village.

Patrick and Bridget had 13 children:


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1) Leo James Grannan was born 25 Mar 1884 and died 7 Feb 1970.  He received his confirmation from Bishop Chatard according to "History of The Catholic Church in Indiana", page 653-654.  He was married on 17 May 1910 to Mary W. Kroeger.  They had 12 children.


For more info on Leo J. Grannan and his children, see his page here.


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2) Mary Ellen Grannan was born 21 Aug 1885.   She married William N. Ryan on 17 Oct 1908 in Martin County and died on 26 Mar 1944.  That's all the information I have on her.


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3) Clara Margaret Grannan 12 Feb 1887 - 27 Jul 1970.   Cemetery records show her buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN, Lot 317, Sect 9-G. Her address was listed as Providence Retirement Home, New Albany. Parish was listed as Our Lady of Lourdes.      


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4) George Joseph Grannan  8 Dec 1888 - 23 Apr 1945.  All I have on him is that he is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN, Lot 317, Sect 9-G.  His address was listed as 3618 Kenwood Ave and he was a member of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish.


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5) William Vincent Grannan 3 Apr 1890 - 3 Sep 1960.  He married Margaret T. Walters, 21 Jun 1921.  

They had three children:

                Joan Grannan, born 14 Mar 1936

                Ruth I. Grannan born 24 May 1927

                William W. Grannan


 6) Infant 28 May 1891 - 28 May 1891


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7) Anna Blanche Grannan 17 May 1892 - 3 Oct 1963.  She married Charles P. DeVoss.


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8) Rose Catherine Grannan 14 Oct 1893 - 11 Jul 1982   She married Loy "Boots" Leuty, 9 Nov 1921 in Indianapolis, IN and had 8 children. 

Click here for more info on the Rose Grannan line.



9) Catherine Grannan 31 Jan 1895 - 2 Mar 1895

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10) Cleophas Grannan 24 Sep 1896 - Nov 1981.  She married Frank Huber, date unknown.


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11) Francis Grannan 11 Jan 1899  - 9 Apr 1976.  He married Antoinette Weber and had 6 children

                Richard W. Grannan, 9 Sep 1926 - 1 Oct 2001

                Thomas Grannan

                John "Jack" Grannan

                James Grannan

                Eileen Grannan

                Betty Jane Grannan


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12) Helen Grannan 6 Dec 1900 - Dec 1987.   She married Frank Kinney on 5 Jun 1926.


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13) Eugene P. Grannan 14 Nov 1903 - 10 Apr 1973.  He married Norma F. Unknown.  He is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN, Lot 400, Sect 7-G. His address was 5465 E. Pleasant Run Pkwy, South Drive.  He was a member of Cathedral Parish.



Thanks again to Sandra Kenkel for the photo below which was taken at the wedding of Helen Grannan and Frank Kinney on June 5, 1926.  Patrick E. died 5 years later on 15 Jun 1931 and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN.  Lot 317, Sect 9-G. 3 feet from North line. Cemetery records show his address as 244 Parkview.  Bridget Grannan (Tucker) died 14 Aug 1942, and is also buried in Holy Cross Cemetery.  Cemetery records show her address as 3618 Kenwood Ave (her son George’s home) and she was a member of St Thomas Aquinas Parish.