George Grannan, 1853-1913

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†††††††††††         Following the death of Mary Ellen Walsh, George married Mary Alice Buckley on 3 May 1892 (two wives named Mary...  didn't make researching very easy!).   Their marriage is listed in the Index of Daviess County Marriages.   Mary Alice Buckley was born in 1872 and died in 1959. 

††††††††††† The picture at right is George and Mary Alice's wedding picture from 1892. Special Thanks to Joan Lessard (grand-daughter of George and Mary) for the picture!

†††††††††††         The following information on the George Grannan and Mary Alice Buckley line was given to me by Ken Spellmire (second cousin, once removed), and from George Grannan's obituary.   Many thanks, Ken.

†††††††††††         George and Alice had 7 children plus an infant son that died at birth:

†††††††††††             - Margaret Grannan was born January 1893 according to Joan Lessard.I also found that date in the cemetery records.She never married, and passed away on 19 Feb 1987 at age 94. ††Cemetery Records show she is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Indianapolis, IN.Lot 197, Gr 2, Sect 5-G.Her address was St. Paul Hermitage, of Beech Grove, Indiana.

††††††††††††††††††††††† - Phoebe Grannan was born sometime before 1900. She was a nurse and lived in Napa California. She was a nurse in a mental hospital and married one of the administrators.

††††††††††††††††††††††† - Blanche Grannan was born 12 Mar 1900 in Washington, Indiana and died 11 Feb 1979 in Santa Monica, California.She was a real estate broker.†† Click here for more on Blanche Grannan.

†††††††††††            - I have a record of an unmarked grave in St. Patricksí Cemetary of an "infant son of George Grannan" that died at birth on November 6, 1904. Joan Lessard confirmed this info for me as well.

††††††††††††††††††††††† - Madeline Grannan was born 25 Oct 1906 in Daviess County and died 18 Sep 1986 in Los Angeles, CA.   She married Lawrence (or Laurence) Allen; he died sometime in 1982.   The California Social Security Death Index lists her as Madeline Grannan Allen.  It says she was "born 10/25/1906 in Indiana with motherís maiden name of Buckley to have died on 18 Sep 1986 in LA. SSN 563-07-8817."  Thatís all the information I have on her.

†††††††††††              - Louis Grannan was born 22 Mar 1910 in Daviess County. He was a police officer in Indianapolis in the 1940s along with his brother Michael.

†††††††††††              - Elizabeth Grannan was born in Sep 1897 and died in June 1986.  She lived in LA and never married.   According to S. Spellmire, she was also very proud of her Irish ancestry and insisted her surname was pronounced 'Grennin' (like 'then in').  Other than that, I cannot find any other information on her.

†††††††††††              - Michael Grannan was born 16 May 1912. He was a police officer in Indianapolis in the 1940s along with his brother Louis.  Later, he opened a tavern.

†††††††††††    †††††††† George Grannan died 20 Jan 1913, at the age of 59, in Reeve Township, and was buried in St Patrick's Cemetery.   Mary Alice Buckley, also known as Alice, died 15 July 1959 in Indianapolis.   She most likely moved to Indianapolis to be with her children following the death of her husband in 1959.†† According to cemetery records, she is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Indianapolis, Lot 197 W 1/2, Sect 5-G.   She was a member of Cathedral Parish.





†††††††††††     While in Indiana recently I managed to find the estate record of George Grannan.  It lists his property as $377 of farm equipment (lists each item), and shows the inventory and appraisal was performed by Peter J. Grannan (his brother) and John Hagerty.  It states that all property was turned over to the widow, Mary Alice Grannan.

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