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These are pictures of various Cranes.  Click on a picture to view it full size.

Augusta Mae Crane

Charles, Grace, and Esther Crane



Crane Family Pictures

Unidentified Cranes:  Could be Ralph, Thelma, Margaret Hoag, Lawrence Crane on top. 

Bottom Flavian and Annamae Crane


Crane Family Headstone, and Charles Crane's Discharge from the Spanish American War

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Crane Descendant Chart

Disclaimer: This information is all preliminary.  I haven't accomplished much research on this family line yet.  If you know of any errors in the family line below, please email me at

The original Cranes in Indiana were 3 brothers named James, John, and Richard. There is a fourth Crane named George that is believed to possibly be a fourth Crane brother.

I.     Richard Crane, b. 1801.[i]  He married (1) Elizabeth Gardner Burch, 31 Mar 1846,1  d. 19 Dec 1871.1   He married (2) Rebecca Gardner, 13 Dec 1824,1  b. 1804,1  d. 1845.1   Richard died 1868.1

       A.   Charles Henry Crane, (son of Richard Crane and Elizabeth Gardner Burch) b. 1847.1

       B.   Eliza Emeline Crane, (daughter of Richard Crane and Elizabeth Gardner Burch) b. 1848.1

       C.   Joseph Washington Crane, (son of Richard Crane and Elizabeth Gardner Burch) b. 1850.[ii]  He married Ruth H. McCullough, 25 Dec 1872,2  b. 1852,2  d. 1921.2   Joseph died 1917.2

             1.    Charles Wesley Crane, b. 1874.[iii]  He married Suzanna E. Lundy, 1 Nov 1897,3  b. 1873, d. 1927.  Charles died 1934.3

                    a.    Flavian L. Crane, b. 1898.3   He married Anna Mae Fisher, 9 Oct 1919.3

                           (1)  Charles F. Crane, b. 1922.2   Lived in Cocoa Beach, FL.

                           (2)  Eris Louise Crane, b. 1923.  Known as Esther

                           (3)  Grace LaVerne Crane, b. 1920.2   She married Leroy Caldwell, 1 July 1937.2   Grace died Killed in bus crash in Sullivan, IN.[iv]

                    b.    Mable C. Crane, b. 1900,3  d. 1905.3

                    c.    Raymond Lawrence Crane, b. 23 Apr 1902.  He married Margaret B. Hoag, 8 May 1935,3  b. 16 Mar 1909, d. 3 Apr 1994.  Raymond died 25 Nov 1963.

                           (1)  Patsy Jo Crane, b. Adopted by Cranes sometime in 1950s.

                    d.    Augusta Mae Crane, b. 22 May 1903, Princeton, Indiana.  She married Walter J. Grannan, 29 Jun 1926, in Princeton Indiana,[v] b. 15 Nov 1896, Corning, IN, (son of Peter J. Grannan and Helenna McGinnis) d. 13 Nov 1977, Washington, IN,[vi] buried: St. John's Cemetery.  Augusta died 6 Nov 1969, Washington, IN, buried: St. John's Cemetery. 

The following certificates for Augusta Crane were found in an old trunk belonging to Donald W. Grannan:

                           1st Holy Communion, 12 May 1912, St. Joseph's Church

                            Diploma of St. Joseph's Grammar School, 24 May 1918


                           Approved as Promoter of the Apostleship of Prayer,  St. Joseph's 27 Apr 1919


                           Grade III of National Graded Course of Piano Instruction, 15 Apr 1920

                           Southwestern Publishing Co. Cincinatti, OH


                           20th Century Bookkeeping Course, St. Joseph's School, Princeton IN, 28 May 1920

                           (1)  Helen Marie Grannan, b. 11 Jun 1927, Princeton, IN, d. 26 Jul 1927, Washington, IN,[vii] buried: 27 Jul 1927, St. Joseph's cemetery in Princeton, IN.[viii]  Address on death certificate reads 800 E. Vantrees St in Washington, IN

                           (2)  Robert J. Grannan, b. 17 Sep 1928, Washington, IN.  He married Jane Igel.  Robert died 26 Mar 1995, Ft. Worth, TX, buried: Laureland Cemetery.

                           (3)  Donald Wesley Grannan, b. 8 Aug 1930, Princeton, IN.  He married (1) Mary Kathleen Clark, 16 June 1955, in Washington, IN, b. 8 Jun 1935, Flora, IL, (daughter of John Joseph Clark and Kathleen Laverne McKnight. He married (2) Laurel Kay Hayes, 7 Oct 1978, in Ft. Worth, Texas.

                    e.    Charles Ralph Crane, b. 1906.3   He married Thelma Unknown.  Lived in Elmira, OH

                           (1)  Unknown Crane.

                           (2)  Unknown Crane.

                    f.     Robert Ira Crane, b. 1911.3   He married Fermar M. Haynes, 11 April 1935.3

                           (1)  Ira Robert Crane, b. 1935,2  d. 1935.2   All-state football player

                           (2)  Suzanna Marie Crane, b. 1936.2

             2.    Maggie H. Crane, b. 1875,2  d. 1901.2

             3.    Lizzie L. Crane, b. 1877.2   She married Lemuel Wilrafen.

             4.    Nora E. Crane.  She married Grant Sanders.

             5.    Clara E. Crane, b. 1880.2   She married George L. Perkins.  Clara died 1921.2

             6.    Tyra Crane, b. 1883.2   He married Belle McCullough.  Tyra died 1932.2

             7.    Belden Crane.  He married Rosa McCall.

             8.    Ira Crane, b. 1883,2  d. 1884.2

             9.    Joseph B. Crane, b. 1887.2

             10.  Charity Crane, b. 1889.2   She married Henry G. Padgett.  Charity died 1921.2

             11.  Lydia V. Crane, b. 1892,2  d. 1918.2

             12.  Eathen Crane, b. 1893.2

             13.  Frona Crane, b. 1894.2

             14.  Robert Crane, b. 1896,2  d. Council Bluffs, IA.  Engineer for Union Pacific Railroad in Council Bluffs, Iowa according to Donald W. Grannan

       D.   Lusinda Catherine Crane, (daughter of Richard Crane and Elizabeth Gardner Burch) b. 1851.1

       E.   Julia Anna Crane, (daughter of Richard Crane and Elizabeth Gardner Burch) b. 1854.1

       F.   John Cord Crane, (son of Richard Crane and Rebecca Gardner) b. 1825.1  .

             1.    Benjamin Crane.  He married Annie Lentz.  The children of John Cord Crane is per information from Losier B. Crane

             2.    Silas A. Crane.

             3.    James V. Crane

                    a.    Losier Crane.

             4.    George Crane.

             5.    Frank Crane.  He married Cordeila Montgomery.

             6.    John Henry Crane.

             7.    Raymond Crane.

             8.    Howard Crane.

             9.    Zola Crane.

             10.  Nettie Crane.

             11.  Louis Crane.

             12.  Jennie Crane.

             13.  Andrew Crane.

             14.  George Crane.

       G.   Richard Allen Crane, (son of Richard Crane and Rebecca Gardner) b. 1826.1

       H.   William Thomas Crane, (son of Richard Crane and Rebecca Gardner) b. 1828.1

       I.    Isaac Allsberry Crane, (son of Richard Crane and Rebecca Gardner) b. 1831.1

       J.    Elizabeth Jane Crane, (daughter of Richard Crane and Rebecca Gardner) b. 1833.1

       K.   James Benjamin Crane, (son of Richard Crane and Rebecca Gardner) b. 1834.1  .

             1.    William Crane, b. 1861.

       L.   Sarah Ann Crane, (daughter of Richard Crane and Rebecca Gardner) b. 1836.1

       M.  Susan Rebecca Crane, (daughter of Richard Crane and Rebecca Gardner) b. 1838.1

       N.   George Harrison Crane, (son of Richard Crane and Rebecca Gardner) b. 1840.1

II.   James Crane.

       A.   Nathaniel Crane.  He married Phebe Wright, 9 Dec 1837.[ix]

             1.    James D. Crane.

             2.    Mary A. Crane

             3.    John H. Crane.  He married Anna Johnson Morrison

                    a.    Etta Blanche Crane.

                    b.    Edward W. Crane.

                           (1)  Olive Fern Crane.

                           (2)  Mabel Iva Crane

                           (3)  John E. Crane

                           (4)  Ralph Crane

                           (5)  Geneva Crane

                    c.    James Harley Crane

                           (1)  Vncent H. Crane

                           (2)  Wanda Crane

                    d.    Wilbert H. Crane

                           (1)  Wilbert Leon Crane

                           (2)  Harriet Leona Crane

                           (3)  Charles Herbert Crane

                    e.    J. Clyde Crane

                           (1)  J. Casner Crane

             4.    Sarah S. Crane

             5.    Isaac Crane

             6.    Ellsbury W. Crane

             7.    William C. Crane

             8.    Edward J. Crane.  Also seen it as Edward A. Crane

       B.   Daniel Crane

       C.   John Crane

       D.   Susan Crane  She married John Morris

       E.   Eliza Crane.  She married John Cole

III.  John Crane.

IV.  George Crane

[i]  Richard Crane Family Bible.

[ii]  Joseph Crane Family Bible.

[iii]  Charles W. Crane Family Bible.

[iv]  From Donald W. Grannan.

[v]  Marriage Certificate.

[vi]  Death Certificate.

[vii]  Gibson County Birth Certificate.

[viii]  Daviess County Death Certificate.

[ix]  Information compiled by J. Clyde Crane.

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