Blanche Grannan, 1900-1979


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Thanks to Kenneth Andrew Spellmire (Blanche’s son) for the photos on this page


            Blanche Grannan was born 12 Mar 1900 in Washington Indiana, the third oldest of 7 children to George Grannan and Mary Alice Buckley. 


            She married Thomas Lovel Spellmire in Indianapolis, IN on ________.   Thomas Spellmire was born 5 Jan 1896 in Cincinatti, OH and died 6 Apr 1981 in Santa Monica, CA.  He graduated from college in 1916 in Seattle, WA and was a Department Store Owner.  


            At some point Blanche moved to California and married Thomas Spellmire, or she married him in Indiana and they moved to California.  Blanche’s sister Madeline also lived in California, while the rest of the family lived in Indianapolis, IN.  According to her son Ken, Blanche was very proud of her Irish heritage and often mentioned it. 


           Blanche and Thomas Spellmire had four children.

                                                                                    Thomas L. Spellmire (1923 – 1923)

                                                                                    Mary Alice Spellmire (1925 – 1931)

                                                                                    Robert Joseph Spellmire

                                                                                    Kenneth Andrew Spellmire (3 Dec 1928)


    The photo on the right is from 1927, taken at Venice Beach California, and shows Blanche Grannan with her children Mary Alice and Robert Joseph Spellmire.

    Below is a family photo from the early 1930s showing, left to right in the back row: Thomas L. Spellmire, Blanche Grannan, Joseph Stubbington, Vivian Spellmire, Blanche Coyle (Tom Spellmire’s mother), George Henry (Tom Spellmire’s father), Blanche Spellmire, Benjamin Gieseke, Mary Bell Peters & Aubrey Spellmire. Front Row: Kenneth A. Spellmire, Bruce Stubbington, Robert Spellmire, Mary Alice Spellmire, George Ray Gieseke & Josephine Gieseke.         












Blanche passed away on 11 Feb 1979 at the age of 78 in Santa Monica, California.


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