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       1861-1865 Civil War     1863 Emancipation Proclamation     1865 13th Amendment outlaws slavery    1866 - Atlantic Cable is completed     1867 - Alaska purchased from Russia for $7.2 million     1869 - Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads link up at Prmontory Point Utah       1871 - Great Chicago Fire        1875 - Second Sioux War      1876 - Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone     1876 - Custer wiped out by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse at Battle of Little Big Horn     1877 - Thomas Edison invents Phonograph     1879 - Thomas Edison invents Electric Light        1881 - Thomas Edison invents Electric Motor          


    By 1860, Patrick and Phoebe have 7 children: James, Mary Ellen, Bridget, George, Margaret Elizabeth, Patrick E., and Peter J.  Anna Grannan would come along in 1867.

    The biggest event of the 1860s was obviously the Civil War.  Of our immediate Grannan ancestors, only James Grannan would have been of the appropriate age to have fought.  However, I can find no record of it.  I did locate a Civil War record of a James Grannan, however his age is listed as 32 and he is from Lafayette, IN. 

    Below is a list of all Grannans I can find in the Civil War.  However, I cannot find any with a relation to our line:

Soldier Name
Regiment Name
  Grannan, David Union Infantry 5th Regiment, New York Veteran Infantry
  Grannan, James Union Cavalry 6th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry
  Grannan, John Confederate Infantry 30th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry
  Grannan, Joseph Union   1st Regiment, New York Mounted Rifles
  Grannan, Joseph C. Union Cavalry 4th Independent Battalion, Ohio Cavalry
  Grannan, Joseph C. Union Cavalry 3rd Regiment, New York Cavalry
  Grannan, Samuel Union Cavalry 2nd Regiment, Ohio Cavalry
  Grannan, Samuel Union Infantry 30th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
  Grannan, Thomas Union Infantry 8th Regiment, Connecticut Infantry
  Grannan, William Confederate Infantry 38th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Looney's) (8th Infantry)
  Grannan, William Union Infantry 6th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry (9 months, 1862-63)
  Grannan, William Confederate Artillery Rice's Battery, Tennessee Light Artillery
  Grannan, Wm. H. Union Artillery 14th Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery
  Grannon, J.D. Confederate Infantry 13th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry
  Grannon, James Union Cavalry 6th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry
  Grannon, James Union Infantry 150th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
  Grannon, John Confederate Infantry 13th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry
  Grannon, John Union Infantry 3rd Regiment, New York Infantry
  Grannon, Morrise Confederate Infantry 14th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry
  Grannon, Samuel Union Infantry 30th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
  Grinnon, James H. Union Cavalry 13th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry
  Grinnon, John Union Artillery 7th Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery
  Grinnon, Wm. H. Union Artillery 14th Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery
  Grannin, John Confederate Infantry 30th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry
  Grannin, John Union Infantry 23rd Regiment, Illinois Infantry
  Grannin, Nicholas Union Infantry 61st Regiment, New York Infantry
  Grannin, Thomas Union Infantry 8th Regiment, Connecticut Infantry
  Granon, J.D. Confederate Infantry 13th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry
  Granon, Louis Union Cavalry 2nd Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry


   By 1870, James and Bridget have passed away and Patrick is the head of the household.  The Daviess Co, IN Census - Reeve Twp, Post Office, Alfordsville, IN; taken 9 July 1870 by: William H. Kendall, Ass't Marshal; Page 245 - HH/Fam # 218/191 lists the following information:

Patrick Grannon 59/m/w farmer RE Val $8000; Pers Val $800, b/place Ireland (father & mother foreign born)

Phoebe A. Grannon 45/f/w keeping house; b/place Virginia

James Grannon 22/m/w farm laborer; b/place Indiana; (all children: father foreign born)

Mary E. Grannon 20/f b/place Indiana;

Bridget Grannon 18 f/w; b/place Indiana;

George Grannon 17/m/w b/place Indiana;

Margaret Grannon 14/f/w, b/place Indiana;

Patrick Grannon age 12/m/w b/place Indiana;

Peter Grannon age 9/m/w b/place Indiana;

    Also interesting note is an "Agnes Fitzpatrick age 9/f/w birthplace Indiana (father foreign born)" shown as residing in the Grannan household. I donít know if she was an orphan or a border or what. Just an interesting note that they had a 9-year-old girl living with them that was not related.

    But it gets more interestingÖ. According to "History of the Catholic Church in Indiana", Vol 2, Pgs 653-654, Patrick and Phoebe had 4 sons and 4 daughters in 1898. According to the census above from 1870 they had only 7 children. Obviously they could have had another child after 1870, but, I have a Baptism record from St. Patrickís Church of "Annie" Grannan (very similar name to Agnes?) born in 1867 and listing Patrick and Phoebe Grannan as parents on her Baptism record. She would have been the 8th child. If she was born in 1867, why wasnít she listed on the 1870 census? And if this "Annie" is the same as Agnes, why was she listed as 9 on the census instead of 3? That could have been a typo or mistake made back then on the census data (fairly common).

    Of the 8 children of Patrick and Phoebe, the following information Iíve gathered from the gravestones when I visited St. Patrickís Cemetary in Corning, Indiana, from state indexes of birth, marriage, and death records for Daviess County, and from others researching their families (credit given where known).

James Grannan (1848 - 1896) married Catherine Murphy (1849 - 1929) on April 11, 1877.  Catherine's gravestone shows her birthdate as 1850 but a book on cemeteries of Daviess County shows it as September 14, 1849.   This would make James 29 and Catherine 27 when they married.   James and Catherine had three children:


- Patrick D. Grannan  January 4, 1880 - August 11, 1914

- John A. Grannan 23 June 1881 - 17 Jul 1947

- Mary Grannan 1886 - December 15, 1900 (14 years of age)

More on this family in the next section: 1890s - 1900.

Mary Ellen Grannan was born 28 Jun 1849 and was baptized 15 Jul 1849 in St. Peterís.  She married Owen J. Clark 1 May 1877 in Daviess County.  They had one child, name unknown, born 26 Dec 1886.  The History of the Catholic Church in Indiana dated 1898, page 653-654 lists her as "Widow of Owen Clarke, Resident of Logootee".  

    I also have the baptism record of Mary Ellen (or Mary Helen) from St. Patrick's Church in 1849 (Thanks to Denise Grannon).  It shows her parents were James and Feby Ann Mullin (I am now starting to believe Patrick's name is really "James Patrick Grannan" as I've seen him referred to as James several times).  The baptism sponsors were Martin Fitzpatrick and Mary Grannan.

The question from this family line:

- Is Martin Fitzpatrick related to the Agnes Fitzpatrick mentioned in the 1870 census as living with Patrick and Pheobe?

- Is this the same Clark line mentioned later in the 1900 census as "Rosa Clark, niece, age 8" living with Catherine Grannan (Murphy)?  If so, is Rosa Clark the one child they had, name unknown or were there at least two children from Owen and Mary?

- What became of this line? 

Bridget Grannan was born in 1852 in Indiana.  She married Michael Cahill 22 Oct 1873. They had three children:

        Ann Theresa Cahill (8 Dec 1882 Ė 2 Jun 1971)

        George William Cahill (19 Aug 1885 - 1961)

        Cleophus Cahill (9 Jul 1887 - ?)


For more on Bridget Grannan and Michael Cahill, click here.


George Grannan married Mary E. Walsh in 1886. Mary Walsh was born May 21, 1866, making her 20 years old at the time of her marriage to George.  Mary would die on December 8, 1888 at the age of 22.


See the 1890s page for more info on George Grannan or go to the George Grannan Family Page.

Margaret Elizabeth Grannan was born 2 October, 1855 in Indiana and was baptized 15 Oct 1855 at St. Patricks Catholic Church, although it was recorded at St. Peters.  She married John Fanning on 15 Nov 1887 in Daviess County.  John Fanning was mentioned in the "Daviess County Democrat" newspaper on 12 January 1884 as "J.H. Fanning J.P. Barr Twnshp"  along with a list of other people for other townships.  I assume this means he was the Justice of the Peace for Barr Township.

I don't have any information on their children.  One of my many holes to fill.   For more on Margaret Elizabeth Grannan and John Fanning, see the 1890s page.

Patrick E. Grannan was born 27 January 1858 in Corning, Indiana and was baptized 21 February 1858 in St. Patrick's.  He married Bridget Tucker 5 June 1883 in Daviess County.  

See the 1890s page for more info on Patrick E. Grannan or go to the Patrick E. Grannan Family Page.


Peter J. Grannan (my great-grandfather) was born on 10 December 1859 and baptized 27 December 1859 in St. Patrick's.   He was a farmer as I have records of Patrick and Phoebe passing their land to him.   Peter's baptism record shows the father as "James Grannon" This must be a typo. James Grannon was his grandfather.  More on Peter on the 1890s page and in his own section here: Pete Grannan




Anna Grannan was born 1 Oct 1867.   She was also known as Annie and is listed as Annie Grannon in her marriage record.  Her Baptism record at St. Patrick's on 20 Oct 1867 shows Patrick and Phoebe as parents.  However, she could be the mysterious "Agnes Fitzpatrick" noted on the 1870 census.  More on Annie in the 1890s section also...

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