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The Marshall Bryant Cook Family Reunion is held each year in Eastman, GA at the Senior Citizen's Center, 5424 Oak Street.  Last year's 22nd annual event was held on August 27, 2006.  Contact person is Mary Anne Evans,  478/374-4959  Email   Directions to Senior Citizen Center (5425 is on U.S. 23 North): From North on U.S. 23 going into Eastman, the Center is on the right about 4 blocks from Dodge County High School.  From South going through Eastman on U. S. 23, Center is on left in first block past the Presbyterian Church.
Notes, News, Deaths, New Additions:

55 family members met at the Senior Citizen Center in Eastman, GA for the 22nd Cook Reunion of the descendants of Marshall Bryant and Martha Elmina Payne Cook.  Members who have passed since the last reunion were remembered with a moment of silence and they were:

Ruth Cook Jordan, November 27, 2005, Levi Cook Family

Dana Yancey,  July 2, 2006,  Ernest Cook Family

 Members attending were recognized by families of each of the eight children that “Boss and “Matt” had, and were given the opportunity to share news from their families. From the oldest to the youngest, they were:

 Marshall Cook Family:  (1883)

.Ernest Cook Family:  (1885)Grace Cook Fussell recently celebrated her 91st birthday.

 Levi Cook Family:  (1887)

 Ray Vaughn Family: (1888) This family had new reunion attendees—Dane Cook, Amy Ryles and son Clayton, and the most attending with 14.

 Mae Cook Family: (1894)  No family members attended  

 Grady Cook Family: (1896)  Derek and Joy Williams are the proud parents of Davis Thomas Williams, born December 6, 2005. Davis and his parents along with Aunt Brenda were present from this family.

 Nina Cook Hilliard Family: (1898) Wright and Jerry Harrell recently celebrated their 55th Anniversary.

 Ouida Cook Evans Family: (1902) Francine has two new great grandsons—Alex Reed and Hunter Scarborough. Alex and his mom, Melanie, along with big brother Austin were present.  Eddie and Mary Anne are renovating the Otis Cook farmhouse and will be moving in the near future.

 Duties of the Reunion Captain were discussed and Terry Cook was nominated and accepted the job for the 2007 reunion.

 The Senior Citizen Center was reserved for the next reunion and will be the fourth Sunday, August 26, 2007.   


Those in attendance included:



Notes, News, Deaths, New Additions:





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