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Picture Time!
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Keep Those Picures Coming!
The big house in Arlington.
Another of the big house in Arlington.
A big family.
Fred, Lena & the kids.
Fred, Lena and Ida.
A young Frederic.
An older Frederic.
Frederic with his sisters.
A young Lena.
Lena and her girls..
Ida Frances (1).
Ida Frances (2).
John Thomas.
John and Ida.
Fritz & Ruth.
Arnot Road.
Samuel Irving (Bud).
James William (1).
James William (2).
James William (3).
Jim and Betty.
Mildred Estelle.
Frank Arthur.
Cousins (2).
John James Sr.
Arnot Women.
Alice Patricia graduation pic.
Alice & Fritz.
A recent Arlington visit.
A generation.
Lena and her sisters.
John Thomas Arnot.
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